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Alyssa Milano – Ambassador for Good

Most people have heard of Alyssa Milano, however, many are unaware of the other side to Alyssa Milano. You may be surprised to find out what an incredible ambassador for good this woman has been and is today!

Alyssa Milano in KosovoMost people have heard of Alyssa Milano, a household name for years. Starting out as a child actor, she has become well known as an incredible adult actress today, staring in a variety of television shows along the way. Although many people may be aware of her celebrity life, many are unaware of the other side to Alyssa Milano. You may be surprised to find out what an incredible ambassador for good this woman has been and is today! Using her fame to make a difference, she is involved in many foundations and charities, always working to help those less fortunate than herself. Here is a closer look at a side of this actress you may have never seen before.

Alyssa Milano – The Actress

First, let’s take a look at Alyssa Milano the actress. She started acting when she was a child, and has gone on to be on some very popular series’ on television. Most people know her for her performance as Phoebe Halliwell on the “Charmed” show, aired on the WB. This show has been popular around the world. Other shows that she has starred in include “My Name is Earl,” “Who’s the Boss,” and “Melrose Place.” She has also recently started a new role on television in “Romantically Challenged,” on ABC.

Beyond Acting – Milano the Philanthropist Although doing an incredible job as an actress, there is much more to Alyssa Milano than the glitz and glam that comes along with Hollywood. Beyond the acting that she does, she has become an avid advocate for those in need, a philanthropist, and a humanitarian in every sense of the word. To show you the other side of this actress, here is a closer look at some of the many things she has been involved in within the past few years.

Alyssa Milano – National Ambassador for UNICEF

Back in 2003, UNICEF invited Alyssa to become a National Ambassador for them. This was a result of all the charitable work she had already done for children. Since she became the National Goodwill Ambassador for this country, she has traveled to work in a variety of other countries, including Kosovo, Angola, India, and more. Alyssa has also been working on the “Trick or Treat” campaign to help raise money for children in other countries and has been a spokesperson for that cause, which is a UNICEF project. According to Milano, she plans to continue working on projects with UNICEF in the future as well. Please visit Unicef and learn more of the great work they do helping children and families:

South Africa Fund Raiser

Back in 2002, Alyssa Milano also would get involved in relief work, working to raise money for South Africa. She had a photography auction and exhibition to help raise this money. Her own work was displayed at the event and the work of children from the arts program at L.A. Venice were also displayed. Almost $50,000 was raised with this event, which went to a special organization in South Africa that cares for mothers and children who have AIDS.

Founding Ambassador of Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control A closer look at her life also finds her being made the founding ambassador of Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control. After becoming the lead ambassador to this cause, she quickly donated $250,000 herself to this charity, helping to battle a problem in Myanmar known as lymphatic filariasis. She has commented on the incredible horror that neglected tropical diseases cause and she is determined to help make the public aware of this problem as well. Currently she is working to raise the awareness of this problem to the public and the media.

2009 Birthday Donation

In a very selfless act, Alyssa Milano gave up her birthday in 2009. This was her 37th birthday and she decided that she would donate it to a charity. The charity was designed to bring Ethiopia clean water. As she was working to make this money for her birthday, she ended up coming in well over her goal, which allowed her to make sure that 18 different communities got clean water. Instead of making her birthday all about her, like so many celebrities do, she made it all about people in need. In the end, she felt that it was the most wonderful birthday present she ever had, which is a true testimony to the heart and compassion that this actress has for those who are less fortunate. Every Child, every person should have clean water to drink. You can learn more about Charity Water Here.

Humanitarian Awards

Through all of the humanitarian work that she has done, Alyssa Milano has been awarded a variety of different rewards. For her work and fundraising for South Africa, she was given the Peace Meditation Award from Sri Chinmoy. She also was awarded the Spirit of Hollywood Award back in 2004 by the John Wayne Cancer Institute. This award was given because of her work and commitment as a celebrity to using her power to make a difference in the world.

Other Foundations and Charities She Supports Of course, this is only a brief look at the many different charities and foundations Alyssa Milano has been involved in recently. There are many others that she has supported as well. Just a few of the other charities she has been involved with include Rock the Vote, Common Ground Foundation, Believe in Dreams, Global Network, PETA, Global Network, Clinton Global Initiative, Creative Coalition, and the Charlize Theron African Outreach Project.

As you take a look at the life of Alyssa Milano, you begin to find out that there is more to this incredible woman than a beautiful face and a wonderful career as an actress. She has taken the fame acting has given her and turned it into something that truly helps other people. Her life has been one of service and selflessness. By taking a look at this incredible young women, we all can learn some lessons in charity and giving to others.

When it comes to helping Children, helping Families, or helping Anyone for that matter, borders, and countries should not matter.

I hope people will be motivated from this article. Whether or not you are famous, we all can make a difference.

To paraphrase Alyssa,”One Love, One Peace, One World.”

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

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