Gifts For Teachers – Lets Not Forget Them!

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With the holiday season fast approaching, lets not forget the teachers that influence our childs life. They are so important, usually underpaid, and many times not too much thought is given to them.  Here are a couple ideas to do something extra special for them this year.

While teachers enjoy getting boxed candies, are much better! Some of the best teacher gifts include:
Books- Help your child put together a hand-written book or a book on the computer using a word processing program. Title it something like “Why you are a great teacher to me” or “Mr. … is the greatest teacher on earth” etc. On the inside, kids can tell the teacher why he or she is special. “You read to us really good” or “Math is easy in your class.”

A special personally drawn picture depicting what your is written will be kept for years to come. The books don’t have to be many pages to make an impact. Bind the pages together by stapling or punching holes
and tying together with string or yarn.

School supply bag- Most of us have extra paper towels, pencils, pens, paper and tissues in our homes. Take a paper bag and have your child use magic markers to draw holiday pictures on the outside. Attach a homemade tag cut like a star or [tag-self]Christmas[tag-self] tree. Label it “To Mrs. or  Mr.…Merry Christmas-use as needed!” Teachers can always use extra supplies! 

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