Parenting News 11/30/2006

AHEAD: Keeping tabs on children 'isn't pestering, it's parenting' – thepaper2…

30 Nov 2006 at 6:09pm

AHEAD: Keeping tabs on children 'isn't pestering, it's parenting ' – 1 hour ago
…. Parenting is not a democracy, and it shouldn't be, according to many parenting experts. In the end, it's not pestering, it's parenting .. ….

In a Day Packed With Spit-Ups, Sippy Cups and Spazz Outs, NYC Parenting Compa…

30 Nov 2006 at 1:08pm

It’s a fact: Most parents of kids five andunder are exhausted and not at their best. Perhaps they cruised throughtheir baby’s first year on pure adrenaline. But, immediately followingthat first birthday party, utter fatigue sets in. Case in point: Twentypercent of new moms leave the house with mismatched shoes, according to arecent survey conducted by Parenting magazine. So, before Elmo can

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