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Toy Safety this holiday season

About 165,000 kids are injured each year from toy related accidents. As a parent of 2 young boys this is a very important issue. I did a little research and here are a few guidelines to help keep your kids safe this holiday season.

I just read an intersting fact that the US Consumer Product Safety commission estimates that about 165 thousand kids 14 and under will be injured or trearted this year for toy related injuries. As a parent of two young boys, one 4 1/2 and the other 5 months it made me think about the toys we have and are planning on getting our kids this holiday season . [tag-tec]Toy safety[/tag-tec] will definitely be on my mind this year. In doing a little research here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Avoid Latex Balloons – When a balloon pops the fagments can pose a choking hazard and is almost impossible to remove from the airway .
  • Read All Labels – Make sure when you buy toys you read and pay attention to any [tag-ice]warning labels[/tag-ice] and guidelines. This is still important to do even though your child is older than the guidelines or is advanced for his or her age. You can never be too safe.
  • Don’t Forget The Helmet – Should there be a bike, skate or skateboard on your childs holiday list, don’t forget to buy the proper safety equipment by checking out Free Skateshop.
  • Avoid Sfreeskateshop.commall Toys Or Parts – Choking is one of the main safety hazards for kids 3 and under, avoid buying small toys or toys with small parts that can be easily boke off.

This list is not include everything. Each parent has the responsibility for their child’s safety and to be aware of their child’s surroundings. Our [tag-self]children[/tag-self] are our most precious gift, don’t forget to use common sense this holiday season and be aware of not only the gifts you buy but the gifts family and relatives may buy for your children. More information can be obtained on Toy Safety by visiting the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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