Parenting Course Required For Divorcing Families in Florida

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The state of Florida now requires a parenting course for divorcing parents. Is this a good idea? Should it be implemented thorughout the U.S.? Let us know.

No matter where you live in the United States, or even in the world, divorce is hard on any family, especially when children are involved. What we feel is a great idea, Florida has begun a law that intends to help strengthen the bonds of family despite separation and this involves a Florida parenting course. Kids can be emotionally torn during a divorce and this course helps to mitigate emotional scars and helps to keep family bonds dispite the divoice.

Here is a little background on the Florida parenting course, where it came from, and why it is implemented in the state:


A law has been implemented in the state of Florida, that in order for you to complete dissolution of , or divorce, you and your spouse have to complete a family stabilization, and parental education course. This course lasts for four hours, and you have to complete this Florida parenting course before the judge can finalize your divorce. This can simply be completed via the Internet, in time blocks that are convenient for you, or if you want to work on cooperating with your soon to be ex-spouse, you can take the course together in a classroom setting.

Why it’s needed

This four hour Florida course is designed to instruct parents on how to help their children deal with the mental and emotional stress of divorce. It offers advice, guidance and trains parents on how divorce impacts their children, and how to keep being a good parent despite the dissolution. Your children will also attend a class on how to deal with their emotions during their parent’s divorce; how to express their anger or frustration in a healthy way.

Why It Works

The Florida parenting course works because it gives the parents and children a chance to deal with the emotional side of divorce. With attorneys, arguments over finances and child custody, it can be easy for a couple to overlook the children that are caught in the middle. With this law, the state of Florida is attempting to stress the importance of family bonding over anything else.

Even if you do not live in the state of Florida and are experiencing divorce, you should consider taking a parenting course anyway. Although it isn’t mandatory, it may help you deal with divorce in a more positive, healthy way. Divorce doesn’t have to mean that you should change the way you are as a parent, it only means that you have to work a bit harder to ensure that your children are well taken care of.

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