The Family That Crafts Together Stays Together?

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We just found a nice family resource on the web called The article that grabed my attention was a post entitled: Your Guide To Family Crafts. Craftyplaces is just a dynomite new site. The post made me think a little about families and doing things together. In looking at my life for example, I work all day, come home and have to jump on the computer to do more work. Thats life in corporate america, it tends to rob our free time, and many times we start to give less and less attention to those we love and care about. That is why family time is extemely important.

[tag-ice]Family time[/tag-ice] is not just about coming together for dinner, or going to the movies, it is about being actively involved as a family unit. A great way to do this is find activities the whole family can enjoy. Whether its [tag-tec]]crafts[/tag-tec], unicycling, cards, games, puzzles, finding that one thing the whole family can become actively involved in I feel will help build a stronger family. In todays busy world we just have to make the time, after all what is really more important then our wifes, sons, daughters, or husbands? Family must come first. Now that I made myself feel a little guilty, I must try to follow my own advice. kevin

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