What Are Some Good Parenting Skills?

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What are some good skills as parents we should want to develop in ourselves and our children? Our kids are our most precious gift. This is a question many parents ask as they seek to be the best parents their children could want. While there is no easy formula as to what makes a good parent, the quality skills that compose a good parent are the simple things we all have a tendency to overlook. There is no greatly withheld secret to good parenting. It is all just a mix of the right number of parenting skills.


Parents need to have compassion for the trials and tribulations their endure. As such, a good parenting skill to have is the ability to display empathy, the understanding of another’s feelings. This does not mean to have a patronizing attitude towards one’s kids, but rather to truly understand their emotions so as to create a connection with them.


Quality communicative ability is a truly envious good parenting skill to have. The heart of all relationships lay within communication between the parties. When communication breaks down, so do personal relationships. Parent-child relationships require adequate communication even more so than other forms of relationships. One side note, however: communication is not just being able to speak well. It is being able to listen well, too.


This is easier said than done because all human being have the tendency to judge others. But being non-judgmental is a good parenting skill to master as it keeps communication from ever breaking down as being too judgment in one’s words and deeds results in putting barriers up between and children.


There comes a time where one has to draw a line in the sand and show the other party where exactly it is that they stand. This is a very good parenting skill to have as there are times when being firm and unyielding is will benefit your children far more than being lax or wavering. Firm does not necessarily mean harsh – or even strict – it simply means that sometimes a parent must make a decision and stick to it. And when one makes the right decision, it is all the more important to remain firm in the face of all else.


This is without a doubt one of the harder skills or virtues to have. It is much easier to hold grudges than to forgive, but if parents learn to forgive their children’s misdeeds, then it will enhance the other skills previously mentioned ten fold.

As we reflect on these skills we should also think about the fact that children tend to emulate those around them, especially their parents. I have mentioned this in other posts, but it is sometimes scary to see my son doing or repeating what his dad or mom says or does. This can be something you can take pride in or be ashmed in. Which will it be for you? While I am far from perfect, I would prefer my son to emulate my good habits. It really makes me think before I say or do anything.

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