Three Childhood Toys I Missed Out On – A Blast From The Past

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As a kid I would have gone crazy if I had the Capsela

As a kid I would have gone crazy if I had the Capsela

With the Christmas season upon us and thinking about what I am going to buy my own kids. There are so many things to choose from. As my kids are starting to get older they seem more and more expensive and they all tend to be more electronic.

As I fell asleep last night  I had a few flashbacks from the past. So this morning I hit up the Internet and found some videos of toys from my  past.  I even found some great toys that I missed out on. Here are 3 commercials of toys I would have absolutely gone crazy over as a kid.


What kid does not building things? I know I did. I had my blocks, I had my Erector Set,  and I had my LEGOS. But I never had or knew about the Capsela. You could build things that actually work and move. The commercial shows a rover, a solar station and even a space aged submarine! Best of all you could even get a remote control. I bet if I could lay my hands on this my kids would love this today:

Mego Elastic Super Hero's

As a kid I loved my superheroes. I read all the comic books, had superman, the incredible Hulk, Batman and Robin, and about all the superheroes you can think of. However, I missed on the Mego Elastic Super Hero's. What kid does not love to abuse and stretch their toys? Check it out:

Animal Monster Truck

All boys love to play with their cars and trucks, and I was no exception. I had my match box cars, dump trucks and fire engines. However I did not have the Animal Monster Truck! It is truly an animal, what is so cool about this truck is claws pop out of the wheels for extra traction. Would love one of those even today!

So what toys did you have as a kid? Go to the bottom of this page and let everyone know!

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