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Talking to Your Kids about Fort Hood

How can we help our kids make sense of the Fort Hood incident when we ourselves cannot make sense of it? Fort Hood brought out the worst in people, but also brought out the best. Lets talk to our kids about two such heros, Kimberly Munley and Amber Bahr.
Kimberley Munley Hero who stopped Fort Hood shooter
Kimberley Munley Hero who stopped Fort Hood shooter

I write this article as a parent sitting here thinking how we can talk to our kids about the insanity that recently happened at Fort Hood. How can we help our kids make sense of it when we ourselves cannot make sense of it?

Bad things happen, and there are bad people in the world. What is important is not to dwell on this, but dwell on how we, how good people react to such situations. While Fort Hood showed us some of the worst in people, it also showed us best in people, in us and in humanity. Lets talk to our kids about two of many heroes we are leaning about.

One such hero we are leaning about is Kimberly Munley, 34, mother of two girls. She was able to get there in just 4 minutes. She did not have time to think, just react. When she saw the shooter chasing an already wounded soldier she instantly fired. “He turned to her and charged, firing rapidly. She returned fire and fell to the ground to help protect herself,” said Chuck Medley, director of Fort Hood’s emergency services. Kimberly was able to hit the suspect, and end the worst shooting we have seen on a U.S. military base. However, in the process, she took a bullet in each leg and wrist.

To me a true hero is not someone who thinks about doing what is right, but one who simply does what is right without thinking! Kimberly is definitely one such hero.

Another such hero is Amber Bahr, 19, an Army nutritionist. She had only stopped to realize that she had been shot after putting a tourniquet on a wounded soldier and carrying him out for medical care!

There are many more such instances of bravery and heroism that we will learn more about in the days to come.

So, how do we talk to our kids about this? It is very important to talk to them in a loving and safe environment. I would not dwell on the shootings itself, but on the acts of bravery and heroism. I would let our children know there people who tirelessly and selflessly work to protect us and will be there in time of trouble. I would talk about Kimberly Munley and about Amber Bahr who helped out without thinking. As a parent that is how I would start the conversation.

To all our men and women in uniform, and those that raise up to protect those in need, our hearts and prayers are always with you. And to Kimberly, Amber, the brave men and women at Fort Hood, and to all the emergency responders, a BIG Thankyou for what you did and what you do everyday.


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