Cute Baby Animals – Natures Gift

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Cute Young Koala

Cute Young Koala

Happy Sunday. Many of us have gone to Church, and many of us are relaxing with our family. Today is a great day to sit back with our family and think about everything God has given us. It is a great day to think and be greatful about life, the wonders of nature, and the beauty all around us.

One way is to help our children understand life is to simply step back and look at nature all around us. Look at the trees,  the grass and flowers outside. As it gets colder in parts of our Country, talk about the cycle of nature and the rebirth to come in the spring. Sundays are also a great day for family field trips to a park, to an Aquarium or a Zoo if you are close to one. If not, see what is on your local PBS or the Discovery channel.

I recently found a video on Youtube of the cutest baby animals you will ever see. Watching it with your family and young kids can start a conversation about life and how dependent the creatures of the world are upon us. When we do things such as recycling it not only helps the environment but all that live on it. Try brainstorming ideas to help the creatures of the world. You never know what brilliant idea your child might come up with!

After all, all the creatures that share the Earth are Gods gift, and we need to protect and champion them. Together, one person, one family at a time, we can make a difference.

Now, enjoy this video from Youtube of some Cute Baby Animals

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