Potty Training a Boy

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Potty training boys can be a challenge over girls, so it is important to be very patient with your young man and provide a great deal of encouragement. A child should never be pushed when it comes to potty training because it could easily backfire and take twice as long.
Life is a series of memories and milestones. Learning to “make doody” is one of the most significant milestones of a two-year old boy’s life. How do we, as new parents, help bring about this memorable event? Answer: Get informed! Being aware of specific needs will make all the difference in potty training a little boy.

Perhaps the most important key to potty training a little boy is to know when to start. Children generally show signs of readiness around age two. Signs of readiness will include an ability to stay dry for prolonged periods of time, a dislike of dirty diapers, and a vocalized desire to use the toilet. When potty training a little boy, keep in mind that boys usually take longer to potty train than girls. Be very patient. After all, they have to learn twice (sitting and standing)!
Simple Keys to Success

First of all, never pressure your son to begin potty training. It is a natural process and will most definitely occur on its own! The feeling of a messy diaper and the desire to be a “big boy” will inevitably do the job given the proper time. When potty training a little boy, be careful to encourage them when they show signs of readiness.

Secondly, being a “big boy” is often incentive enough to use the potty chair; however, it can’t hurt to make the bathroom a fun environment. I am not implying that you must substitute your shower curtain for one with an enormous purple dinosaur on it. Purchasing an inexpensive yet colorful potty chair is enough and can do wonders for a small child; particularly if it has the face of their favorite cartoon character on it.

Finally, when potty training a little boy, positive reinforcement can work wonders! A small piece of candy (or whatever treat your son likes) given directly after successfully using his potty chair will provide motivation you wouldn’t believe! Verbal encouragement is helpful and necessary but its effectiveness increases exponentially when candy is added to the mix!

The Single Most Important Factor in Potty Training a Little Boy

Every time he goes, make it a big deal. Tell them how big they are and that you are proud of them. This is a good opportunity to subconsciously reinforce the idea that they are important to you. Potty training occurs during a very important time in your son’s development. Use it as an opportunity to build up his sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Plant the seeds of self-esteem every chance you get! In our case this was the single most important factor in getting our son potty trained, along with ample rewards of gummy bears for a job well done. Another factor was peer pressure. A couple days a week he went to a preschool and see his peers going to the bathroom was a strong incentive.

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