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Be Motivated! “If you never failed, you’ve never lived”

As parents our job is to help kids learn how to handle disappointments and failures. Watch this video with your kids and discuss how the world would have been much different if these people gave up.

Throughout life there are many thrills and many disappointments. In a child’s life failing at something can be very devastating. A child in a soccer game may let the ball get past him or her for the losing shot, or a teen may not make varsity. There might be a big spelling or reading test that out child messes up at.

As parents our job is to help kids learn how to handle disappointments and failures (see our article Helping Kids Overcome the Fear of Failure). As Parents, it can but very hard, but at times, we must let our kids fail at things, but be there for them and teach them how to overcome that failure. What we do not want to happen is that our kids get paralyzed from talking risks. Success can many times only be achieved through many many mistakes or failures.

So, if your child is a little down, watch this movie with them about some people who like them, may have failed one or many times. Talk about your own failures and what you learned from them.  Most important of all, talk about what would have happened if these people ended up letting failure defeat them. Our world would have been a much different place.



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