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Our Mission"To encourage children’s intellectual and emotional growth through new and innovative products and services, and by providing parents with current and relevant information and resources"

Our long time goal has to been to create a quality site devoted to providing quality and relevant information to parents. We finally found the right tools and resources to let us accomplish our goals and focus on bringing our readers what they are looking for, relevant and up to date information. We are constantly searching to partner with fellow webmasters and writers though the following programs:

More4kids Link/Resource exchange:
If you have a family oriented site that would benefit our readers, namely parents and caregivers, please visit our family resource directory. We are very picky who we will list in our partner directory. It must be a benefit and resource to our readers. Adult, pharmacy and gambling sites will not be allowed. 3-way link exchanges, or where our link is burried will not be accepted. However, if you are have an established site with good content or products that cater to our readers we would encourage you to link with us. Through such partnerships we can help create a better internet.

More4kids Webmaster Affiliate programs:

More4kids has been a long time dream for my wife and I and the idea was born out of our love for our kids and wanting to provide information parents can use. Our sister website, www.more4kids.com, offers personalized children’s gifts for kids. If you have a website and would like to earn some extra money helping to sell these wonderful educational and fun gifts, visit our signup link on Shareasale

Webmasters of family oriented sites:This has been a good little program for us. Find out more about the baby colic affiliate program

More4kids Writer Program:Are you a writer, or a budding writer? We are always looking for qualified people who can write about parenting, preganancy, children or education? We are especially interested in people that are in the teaching, medical or children consuling professions. If you have a website we will link to your website or post your contact information. All we ask is that your article is original and not posted anywhere else. In return, we give you great exposure. Articles are syndicated automatically and your articles will get worldwide exposure through the cutting edge syndication and promotion tools we use. This is a great way for a writer to get established and should help in gaining recognition. If you are interested in submitting articles please send us an email for more information through our Contact Form. All submitted articles become the property of More4kids Inc.