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More4kids is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau - Click to Verify
More4kids is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau - Click to Verify

Thankyou for your interest in becoming a More4kids Sponsor

We believe what goes around comes around. A More4kids Sponsor will receive a full day of Social Media blitz. A sponsor can be a company or an Individual. A portion of the sponsorship will also go directly to one of our favorite children’s charities.

Lets get started, First, a company or individual will be able to be a More4kids Sponsor for a whole day in 2010. Each day in 2010 will only have one unique sponsor. What that means is that there will only be available 365 sponsorship opportunities in 2010. The cost of sponsorship will depend on the day sponsored. January 1st will only cost $2, and the cost will go up by $2 each day so the cost of Dec 31st will be $730.

As a Recap, here is what the sponsor will receive:

  • One Youtube video created by myself. The sponsor can send me something with their logo on it (t-shirt – extra large please), hat, jacket, etc) and I will display that logo, shirt etc on the video. Please be aware of the time of year and don’t send me a sweatshirt in the middle of summer. The video will either be myself talking about your site or a video tour of your site.
  • OR, For individuals, the video can include a “Happy Birthday”, a “Thankyou”, or special message to your child, family member or loved one.
  • The video will be submitted to many other social media video sites.
  • Sponsor will be Tweeted about throughout the day with a link to their site if they have one.
  • An article on with a pic of their logo and profound thanks.
  • If the person/company has a banner/ad we will also include it on our site.
  • Helping to keep great articles and content at More4kids for another year and helping children at the same time.
  • plus much much more…

After you purchase your day of sponsorship here is what we need:

  • Product with your logo. If you are sending a Sweater or T-shirt please make it x-large, jackets should be large if sponsoring myself or my wife.
  • Products should be recieved a full 30 days before the day sponsored.
  • Products need to be sent to our corporate headquarters: More4kids Inc, 8711 Ellington Way, Chattanooga, TN. 37421

Other Notes:

  • If you send a wearable item we will try to wear it the full day, but in some circumstances may not be able to. Wearing the item the full day is not guaranteed, but we will do our best. The item will definitely be featured on the website and video.
  • Please note the time of year. If it is summer for example please don’t send a sweatshirt or jacket. If you do we will still wear and show it in our videos, but may not be able to wear it the full day.
  • We reserve the right to reject any sponsor. If we do a refund will be sent.
  • Sponsors may request more than 1 day.
  • Special requests are possible, so if you have a fun idea let us know and we will quote a cost. For example you may want to sponsor the whole More4kids family (myself, wife and both sons), or have us travel to your location.
  • Once the date is sponsored no refund will be given unless we reject the sponsorship.
  • All Sponsors must be 18 or older, or have written permission sent to us and confirmed with a phone call.

Now to Sponsor a date, Select a month below and you will be taken to a page with the cost for the day and where you can reserve a date:

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