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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

Valentines Day is almost upon us. Here are directions for a couple Valentines Day gifts kids can make, a Handprint Heart and a Valentine's Day Wreath...

Valentines Day is a fun time for kids to make some creative giftsValentine’s Day will be here soon and it can be a fun time for young and old alike. There are many Valentine’s Day gifts that kids can make. Regardless of how old your child is, they will enjoy collaborating with you in order to develop gifts that they can share with their friends, teachers, relatives, and other people who they consider to be “special”. Below are a couple of great ideas that can be loads of fun for your child this Valentine’s Day!

The Handprint Heart

The first Valentine’s Day gift that kids can make to share with virtually anyone is the handprint heart. This is a very unique and special keepsake that is sure to make the day of the person on the receiving end.


1. Foam pieces that are white, red, and pink

2. A small bottle of washable paint that is red in color

3. A piece of red string to place at the top so that the keepsake can be hung

4. Kids Glue


1. The first thing that you will need to do is to take a piece of white foam and cut it large enough that two handprints can be placed inside of the heart.

2. Once you have cut the piece, squeeze out some red washable paint onto a paper plate.

3. Have your child place their hands into the paint, and then have them put one hand at a time on the heart, with the palms down by the top of the heart. Then, once the first hand is done, simply have them place the second hand on the foam in the same manner.

4. Once finished, cut a large square of pink felt and glue the heart onto it.

5. While this is drying, cut out little strips of the pink foam and provide your child with a red marker that is washable. Have them place a saying across one, and put their name on the bottom.

6. You should then place small squares of white and red around the sides of the keepsake.

7. In order to enhance the appeal of this Valentine’s Day gift that kids can make, you can place little hearts in the corners of the gift.

8. Next, glue the string at the top of the craft so that the receiver may hang it once they receive it!

Here is a sample of this gift for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Wreath

The next Valentine’s Day gift that kids can make is the Valentine’s Day Wreath! This is simply a creative wreath that is full of inspiration and love. Once designed, the child can place a poem or a letter to someone that they care about on the inside of the wreath. If you have a toddler, or a young child, you may simply allow them to draw a picture, or put their handprints on the inside! The special person that receives this particular gift is sure to cherish it!


1. An assortment of decorative foam hearts

2. A piece of red string

3. Kids Glue


1. First, have the child create a picture, poem, or letter that the wreath can go around.

2. Once the inside has been created, you should help your child arrange the decorative hearts around the paper so that it fits on the inside of the decorations.

3. Once the decorative hearts have been placed, instruct your child on how to carefully list each piece and add a small amount of glue so that the pieces stick together snugly.

4. While allowing the hearts to dry, take a piece of string and cut it in half. Once done, simply tie the string in a pretty bow.

5. Now, flip the gift over and glue the string to the back. Once the project is dry, your child can give it to someone special so that they may hang it in the area of their choice.

Here is a Sample of the Craft: As you can see, there are many different Valentine’s Day gifts that kids can make. All it takes is a few supplies, some creativity, and a little bit of time, and your child can create a spectacular gift that is sure to warm the heart of any receiver.

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