Mommy and Toddler Groups

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two young mothers and their kidsIf your child does not belong to a day care, or go to a pre-school and you are worried about your toddlers social development , you may want to consider a mommy and toddler group. This is also a great way in which moms continue the all important bonding with their toddlers, as well as having their child experience being with other toddlers, is through mommy and toddler groups.

There are a number of groups which you and your toddler can join. One of which is at a library or checking your local community to ascertain if they have any similar groups you can join.

In fact, you may wish to start a group of your own. You and other moms can not only bond with each other, but your toddlers will have a chance to mingle with other toddlers.
Also, there appear to be church groups and child centers who also host mommy and toddler groups. Check online for more information. Also, if you have moved to a new neighborhood, ask your neighbors if there are any groups in the area. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and bond with your toddler at the same time.

You know, bonding with your toddler can also encompass a day at the park – just the two of you. The nature/nurture experience can extend beyond you and your child, as you take in the greenery, trees and flowers. In fact, you may meet other moms at the park and decide to form your own group. You can meet on a weekly basis; set up a place on the grass; and just keep the bonding flowing. 

To find more information about mommys and toddler groups, check your local newspaper to see if there are any groups which you feel you would like to participate in. Mommy and toddler groups can be formed or joined or simply begin with a few neighbors with kids of similar age.

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