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    Hey everyone!

    Raising a child who has special needs is extraordinarily challenging, and I have the greatest respect for everyone out there who is doing it.

    My sister’s oldest child has Williams Syndrome, which no one in my family had ever heard of before my nephew, Landon, was diagnosed with it. Those early days were terrifying for my sister, who was struggling to figure out what Williams Syndrome meant for my nephew and what kind of life he would lead.

    There have been a lot of challenges along the way, but she and her husband are remarkable parents who have handled the situation with far more courage and grace than I would ever be able to.

    For any parents out there who are dealing with a Williams Syndrome diagnosis, I just want you to know that even though it is rare, you aren’t alone. And that while there will be moments you feel like your heart is breaking, you’ll also have wonderful moments too. The good will far outweigh the bad.

    Landon does have his fair share of challenges to deal with, but he is a great source of light in all of our lives. He loves fiercely and is so sensitive to how other people feel. He feels such intense joy over things that some people would consider trivial. Every day seems to contain the excitement of Christmas Day for him. And while we certainly wish things would be easier sometimes, we would never want to change one thing about who Landon is.

    Good luck, and remember to reach out to people when you need it. Chances are, you have people in your life who would love to help you and would be delighted to get to know your child.

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