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    Hey parents!

    I’d like some input from everyone out there. I have a coworker who is struggling a bit right now because she feels overwhelmed by parenting her young child, keeping up with her full-time job and handling all the other things she has on her plate right now.

    She asked if I had any ideas on what she could do to decompress once in a while when all the pressure gets to be a bit too much for her.

    I told her my favorite stress-busting activity is running. Apparently she has no interest in that. She said that might make her feel worse!

    My other favorite thing to do when I need a little quiet time where I can enjoy myself is to take the kids to a movie that we’ll all enjoy. She can’t do that right now because her daughter is too young, and she feels too guilty taking time away from her to do anything for herself.

    I remember those early years of parenting when I felt like that, but what worked for me won’t work for her. Any recommendations as to what my friend can do to unwind once in a while that won’t take her away from her baby and make her feel even more guilty about the work/motherhood balance thing?

    I really hope I can give her some workable solutions because even though my kids are in middle school and junior high now, I remember how overwhelming the first year or two of parenting is.

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    I try to move out of an immediate mindset and try to see a long term perspective. This too shall pass. Sometimes the stress is from the context of trying to fix something in the immediate range.



    That’s a great idea, Alex. Thinking long term helps me a lot when I’m pursuing a goal as a runner. I think this would help my friend a lot when she’s feeling stressed. I’ll share it with her. Thanks a bunch!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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