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    Here’s a quick update as to how my kindness challenge is progressing. My family and I have all agreed to take the kindness challenge, and it sometimes seems it’s easier for my kids to be kinder to strangers than it is for them to be kind to each other!

    But they’re chugging along, and I think it’s working. The parent of one of my daughter’s friends sent me a Facebook message a few weeks ago telling me that her daughter said that my daughter is her kindest friend. She said my daughter always tries to include everyone in their activities at school and apologizes even when something isn’t her fault.

    As a mom, that was great to hear. I’d like to think she was kind before we began this challenge, but I know that we’ve ramped up our discussions about kindness and why it is so important. I think the increased dialogue is helping.

    My son has been working on it as well, but I think it’s easier as a girl to show kindness than it is for a boy. Being kind doesn’t seem to be emphasized as much for boys as it is for girls.

    My son, who is in sixth grade, has a great role model though. On his track team, there’s an eighth grader who goes out of his way to encourage the younger boys on the team.

    This boy saw my son struggling to complete his push-ups and he dropped to the ground and did some with him while he yelled words of encouragement. My son, in turn, has been better about encouraging the younger students at his school — I think this boy’s actions spurred him more than my talks did.

    My son signed up at his school for a program in which he would go into the younger kids’ classrooms and hang out with them. He had to give up a study hall to do it, which meant more homework for him, but he said he loved how excited the kids in the classrooms would get when an older kid was being nice to them.

    When you’re encouraging boys to be kinder, I think it helps to have a boy role model for them to look up to. I think it’s more motivating for them to see another boy walking the walk instead of just hearing their parents talking the talk.

    I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing with their kindness challenge!

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