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What really encouraged my kids to read was making it a family event. They’d pick a book and then we would sit down together and I’d read to them. Even long after they could read, they would still want some family reading time.

Also, making sure they have material that interests them is so important. My son and I love the Harry Potter books and any kind of fantasy book, but my daughter is bored to tears by those. She likes funny books like the Captain Underpants series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She’s a little more challenging to find books for, but the librarian at our local library has been great about choosing books she’ll enjoy now that she knows what her tastes are.

You also want to make sure the reading level isn’t too high for them. Because if they struggle with the words, they’ll get frustrated and bored. It will make them hate reading instead of loving it.

I agree with Alex’s tip too. I’m not above a little bribery. Lol. Especially if it causes them to stick with something that will benefit them for life, like reading.