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Äidin aika pelasti järkeni: Äidin tunnustus – miksi se on niin tärkeää

Mommy Time Tips
Miksi äitien aika on niin tärkeä? Loppujen lopuksi kenenkään tässä maailmassa ei pitäisi tuntea meitä paremmin kuin äiti. Äidin ja lapsen välillä on luonnollinen side. Se on hänen jokaisessa kosketuksessaan, hymyssään, halauksessaan ja sanassaan syntymästämme lähtien. Odotamme äidiltä hyväksyntää, ohjausta ja rakkautta. Mutta juuri niinä erityisinä aikoina, kun on vain äidin ja minun aika, odotamme ja aarre. Ne ajat luovat pysyviä muistoja. Joskus hyvä vanhemmuus on vain sitä, että olemme lapsemme tukena.

Oh, where do I or should I even begin? If you’re anything like me—a mom juggling work, kids, home, and a million other things—you know that “sanity” can sometimes feel like a luxury item which is why mommy time is so important. You know, like those designer handbags we admire from afar but never actually buy? Yep, that’s what sanity started to feel like for me. A distant, unattainable dream.


It was a typical Wednesday—or “Woe-sday,” as I had started calling them. Lily had a meltdown because her favorite unicorn shirt was in the wash, and Max was sulking because screen time was over. The house looked like a tornado had swept through it, and let’s not even talk about the mountain of work emails waiting for me. I felt like I was on the verge of losing it. And then, it happened. I snapped. I yelled. I cried. It wasn’t pretty, folks.


That night, as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was burnt out. I had been so busy taking care of everyone and everything that I had forgotten to take care of myself. I was running on empty, and it was affecting not just me but my entire family. Something had to change.

The Magic of ‘Mommy Time’

That’s when I decided to prioritize “Mommy Time.” At first, it felt weird, almost guilty, to take time just for me. But let me tell you, the transformation was nothing short of magical. I started with just 15 minutes a day. I’d lock myself in my room and read, meditate, or sometimes just sit in silence (a rare commodity in a house with kids, let me tell you!).

The Results? Astonishing!

Slowly but surely, those precious minutes started to add up. I felt calmer, happier, and more in control. The kids noticed it too. “Mommy, you’re not yelling as much,” Max observed one day. And he was right. I had found my sanctuary in “Mommy Time,” and it was reflecting in every aspect of my life. My relationships improved, my work got better, and most importantly, I started enjoying motherhood again.

A Confession and a Plea

So here’s my confession, mamas: I was a hot mess, and “Mommy Time” saved me. It saved my sanity, my family, and my sense of self. And if it can work for me, it can work for you too. So please, for the love of all things holy, take some time for yourself. Your sanity will thank you, and so will your family.

Äiti ja lapsi viettävät aikaa yhdessäWhy is mommy time so important? After all no one in this world should know us better than mom. There is a natural bond that takes place between mother and child. It is in her every touch, smile, hug, and word expressed from the time we are born. We look to mom for approval, guidance, and love. But it is in those special times, when it’s just mom and me time, that we look forward to and treasure. It is those times that create the lasting memories. Sometimes, good [tag-cat]parenting[/tag-cat] is just being there for our child.

Olitpa työskentelevä äiti tai et, lapsesi kanssa viettäminen on tärkeää. Se kertoo lapsellesi, että he ovat tärkeitä ja heidän kanssaan on hauskaa olla. Lapsesi on lapsesi riippuvainen sinusta kaikessa; ja ajan myötä antamastasi hoivatuksesta, hoidosta ja rakkaudesta tulee heidän keskipisteensä. He kääntyvät puoleesi tarpeessa; pyydä neuvojasi epävarmoina aikoina; ja odotan sinulta lohtua, kun olet surullinen. Yksi kerrallaan lapsesi kanssa viettäminen on aikaa, jota lapsesi odottaa. Olipa kyseessä vauva, taapero, teini tai aikuinen – lapsesi tarvitsee sinua. Sillä ei ole väliä, jos vain istut isolla mukavalla tuolilla ja puhut; tai lukea kirjaa yhdessä; tai katso suosikkisatua DVD:ltä – äidin kanssa olemisella on valtava positiivinen vaikutus lapsiin. Se on vain sinä ja lapsesi; ei keskeytyksiä; ei sisaruksia, jotka vievät huomiosi pois; vain lapsesi ja sinä.

The Myth of the Supermom

The Pressure to Do It All

We’ve all seen her—the Supermom. She’s the one who seems to have it all together, juggling work, kids, and home like a pro. But let’s be real, that image is more fiction than fact. Trying to be a Supermom can lead to vanhemmuuden ylikuormitus and burnout, and that’s not good for anyone, especially you.

Why Perfection is Overrated

Striving for perfection in motherhood is like chasing a mirage. It’s unattainable and exhausting. The truth is, it’s okay to not be perfect. What’s important is being present, both for your kids and yourself.

The Importance of “Mommy Time”

Recharging Your Batteries

Think of yourself as a smartphone. You need to recharge to function effectively. “Mommy Time” is your charger. Whether it’s a spa day, a quiet evening with a book, or even a solo grocery store run, these moments help you recharge.

The Science Behind “Me Time”

Studies have shown that taking time for oneself can significantly reduce stress and improve mental health. One study from the University of Michigan even found that moms who take time for themselves are happier and more positive (lähde).

Ways to find Mommy Time

Prioritize Yourself

The first step in making time for yourself is to prioritize it. Mark it on your calendar, set a reminder, do whatever it takes to make it non-negotiable.

Hanki Creative

“Mommy Time” doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as a 15-minute meditation session or a quick workout. The key is to find activities that make you feel rejuvenated.

The Benefits of “Mommy Time”

Parempi mielenterveys

Taking time for yourself can significantly improve your mental health. It gives you a chance to relax, de-stress, and come back to your family with a renewed sense of purpose.

Better Relationships

When you’re happy and relaxed, it positively impacts your relationships with your spouse and children. A happy mom makes for a happy home, after all.

Hyvän esimerkin antaminen

By taking time for yourself, you’re also setting a great example for your kids. You’re teaching them the importance of self-care and personal well-being.

Overcoming the Guilt

Why We Feel Guilty

Many moms feel guilty about taking time for themselves. We’re conditioned to believe that good moms are selfless, always putting their family’s needs above their own.

How to Overcome It

The first step in overcoming this guilt is to recognize that taking care of yourself is not selfish; it’s necessary. Speak to your partner, family, or friends about your need for “Mommy Time” and enlist their support.

Real-Life “Mommy Time”

Nopeita ja helppoja ideoita

  • A 20-minute bubble bath
  • A short walk around the neighborhood
  • A solo coffee run

More Elaborate Plans

  • Viikonlopun pakomatka
  • Päivä kylpylässä
  • A night out with friends


So there you have it, mamas! “Mommy Time” is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s the secret ingredient that helps you be the best mom you can be. So go ahead, schedule that “Mommy Time” and make yourself a priority. You’ve earned it!

Until next time, keep shining, mamas! You’re doing an amazing job, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Spending time with your child is important to their growth and how they relate to others.


Chart: Identifying the Signs of Parental Burnout

Statistic Category oireet Huomautuksia Tips for Management lähde
Parents experiencing high stress Anxiety, irritability High stress levels often lead to burnout. Practice mindfulness and deep-breathing exercises. APA Stress Management
Parents with less than 6 hours sleep Fatigue, poor concentration Lack of sleep is a significant contributor to burnout. Create a bedtime routine; consider short naps to recharge. CDC Sleep Guidelines
Parents with no “Me Time” in a week Emotional exhaustion, resentment Lack of personal time is directly linked to increased stress and burnout. Schedule regular “Mommy Time”; it’s essential for mental health. NIH Self-Care
Parents who feel emotionally drained Apathy, detachment Emotional exhaustion is a key symptom of burnout. Speak openly about your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. Mielenterveys Amerikka
Parents who have sought professional help Severe stress, emotional breakdown Indicates the severity of the issue. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help; it’s a sign of strength. APA Therapy
Parents who have taken a “mental health day” Overwhelm, physical ailments Taking a day off for mental well-being. Plan a day off in advance and make it a true day of relaxation. Mielenterveyden säätiö

Usein kysytyt kysymykset

What is “Mommy Time”?

“Mommy Time” refers to the time a mom takes for herself, away from her family and responsibilities, to relax and recharge.

Is taking time for myself selfish?

Absolutely not! Taking time for yourself is essential for your well-being and, by extension, the well-being of your family.

What are the symptoms of parental burnout?

Symptoms can include emotional exhaustion, detachment, overwhelm, and physical ailments like headaches or fatigue.

How can I make time for myself with a busy schedule?

Prioritize and schedule “Mommy Time” just like any other important appointment. Even 15-20 minutes can make a difference.

What are some quick “Mommy Time” ideas?

Consider a short walk, a bubble bath, or even a quick meditation session. The key is to do something that rejuvenates you.

How does lack of sleep contribute to parental burnout?

Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, poor concentration, and increased stress, making you more susceptible to burnout.

Can dads experience parental burnout too?

Absolutely, parental burnout is not exclusive to moms. Dads can and do experience it as well.

When should I seek professional help?

If you’re experiencing severe stress, emotional breakdowns, or if your symptoms interfere with your daily life, it may be time to seek professional help.

What are the long-term effects of parental burnout?

Long-term effects can include chronic health issues, strained family relationships, and severe mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.

Where can I find more resources on parental burnout?

Websites like the American Psychological Association (APA) and Mental Health America offer valuable resources. Books and peer-reviewed articles are also excellent sources of information.


Hei! Olen Sara Thompson, ja Lily ja Max, kaksi upeaa lastani, pitävät minut varpaillani joka ikinen päivä. Olen löytänyt kutsumukseni kouluttamalla ihmisiä vanhemmuuden palkkioista ja vaikeuksista. Minulla on myös intohimo henkilökohtaiseen kasvuun. Toivon, että voin rohkaista, motivoida ja auttaa muita vanhempia heidän pyrkimyksissään kirjoittamallani.

Rakastan ulkoilua, ajatuksia herättävien kirjojen lukemista ja uusien ruokien kokeilua keittiössä, kun en ole jahtaamassa aktiivisia lapsiani tai jakamassa vanhemmuuskokemuksiani.

Tavoitteeni rakkauden, naurun ja oppimisen kannattajana on parantaa ihmisten elämää välittämällä vanhemmuudesta ja elinikäisestä oppimisesta saamaani tietoa.

Jokainen ongelma tarjoaa mielestäni mahdollisuuden kehittymiseen, eikä vanhemmuus ole erilainen. Yritän kasvattaa lapseni terveessä ja rakastavassa ympäristössä omaksumalla ripaus huumoria, paljon empatiaa ja johdonmukaisuutta vanhemmuuden matkallamme.

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