Alyssa Milano/Sports Toolbar

Quick News Update. The AM FAN toolbar has been updated with the new Twitter Account @AlyssaDotCom. Watch the video on how to update your toolbar, or on your toolbar click the down arrow next to AM FAN and simple click on Refresh Toolbar.

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Click here or on the Banner below for the Alyssa Milano Sports Toolbar:

We had so much fun creating a Parenting Toolbar for ourselves I decided to create one for one of our favorite Tweeps on Twitter –> Alyssa Milano. Right from your browser, without having to go to a ton of webpages, you can stay up to date on the latest Tweets from Alyssa, Romantically Challenged, and Touch by AM.

Plus if you are a sports fanatic, this browser toolbar has a Sports News Ticker, links to the latest news categorized by Sport, and also the lastest Sports News Videos.

There are a lot more features such as a radio build right into your browser, so that as you are reading tweets, sports, etc you can be listening to your favorite rock music.

As we find more resources we will update the toolbar frequently. From the toolbar there is a feature where you can refresh the toolbar, we recommend doing this once every couple weeks to stay up to date.

This is just one way I am trying to make the web a little friendlier and easier for our Followers and the Fans of our Followers.

Now, simply click on the banner below and you will be directed to the download site to try it out yourself.

Click here or on the Banner below for the Alyssa Milano Sports Toolbar: