Living Positively – A Positive Family is a Healthy Family

Do you ever find yourself just feeling down for no reason? Maybe it's time the family has a positive attitude adjustment. It may take some time to get everyone in the swing of things, but before you know it everyone will be enjoying life more. Here are some ideas that may help...

a happy family is a healthy familyKids learn from their parents, so if their parents grumble and complain their kids will too. Are you tired of hearing all the grumbling and complaining around your house?  Do you ever find yourself just feeling down for no reason?  Maybe it’s time the family has a positive attitude adjustment.  It may take some time to get everyone in the swing of things, but before you know it everyone will be enjoying life more.

Growing up, many of us heard "Can’t die in the poor house"; meaning that saying you can’t do something will get you no where.  How can you bring that phrase to life? Simple –put it into practice. Try setting up a money jug or container, and every time someone says something negative, they have to contribute a set amount of money, like a nickel, every time.  You could make it a contest, maybe even between the kids and the adults. Whoever wins by being the most positive, having the least amount of money in their jar after a set period of time, gets both jugs of money.

If you don’t want to deal with using change, you could keep a chart.  Figure out what the reward will be for having a better attitude. Instead of penalizing people when they are negative, you could give a point every time someone is "caught being good" or being especially positive. You could even award bonus points if they are positive despite something disappointing happening, like failing a test at school. 

Another idea is having a time set aside to just share what we’re thankful for. Even though most people do this at Thanksgiving, it is a good thing to do year round.  We tend to take the good things for granted. By being thankful more often, it’s hard to be negative.  Just shifting your focus that little bit can make a huge difference.

A praise board is another way to help the family be more positive.  Set up a bulletin board somewhere everyone will see it.  Give each family member a section of it, or maybe even use small, separate ones for each of the kids on their bedroom doors.  Then everyone gets index cards and they have to write something nice about the person and put it on their board.  Tell each other the things you appreciate about them. Give them compliments.  Encourage them if they are down about something.  When the board is full, take the cards down and put them in a file box. Then if they have a bad day, they can either look at their board, or back through the box of cards with encouraging words just for them.

One of the best parenting tips I heard of is start the day off by saying "I love you" to your spouse and children, AND ending the day by saying the same thing. No matter how bad the day has been it is important to remember those around you that you love and care about, and help teach your kids that as a family you can make it though any problems or adversities. It is also important to those you say "I love you" too. It shows no matter what life may throw at you, that you will always love and care about them. After all, what is more important than your family?

By just making a few changes, it is amazing how quickly the household’s mood can change.  The little things can really mean a lot.  Once your family starts being more positive with each other, take it a step further and share your good mood with your family and friends. It will be like a snowball effect and instead of the negitive comments will be positive ones, making your familiy happier and healthier. 2008 is almost here, now is a great time to start and make a positive difference, not only in your family but all those close to you.

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  • I love how you address the influence the parents have. From eating organic and healthy to other positive change- adults set the example. I’d like to add to your great list that to stay centered and positive is another step to seeting a great example. The happier the parents the happier the kids.