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Product Review: Barbie Girls

Every year Girls are asking Santa for their favorite dolls for Christmas. This year Barbie has made a few changes. Mattel has come up with the Barbie Girls newest doll and an online community where their characters can interact.

Barbie Girls Helps Young Girls Keep Up With and Make Friends Online

Click here to find out where to buy Barbie GirlsEvery year Girls are asking Santa Claus for their favorite dolls for Christmas.  This year Barbie has made a few changes.  Mattel has come up with the Barbie Girls newest doll.  This doll is also an mp3 player and a key to unlocking several items online at where there are many other activities available for your young ladies.  With technology ever changing it’s nice to see the Barbie is keeping up with the times.

Barbie girls web site allows young girls to decorate their own space.  When a child signs up they have to get their parents’ permission.  Without their parents’ permission they are not allowed to use the web site.  No personal identifiable information is taken besides the parents e-mail address.  Girls are able to create their own user identifications and create their own Barbie avatar.  Players are able to chat with one another.  The chat is set up to be safe for the children involved.  While wandering through other people’s bedrooms and shops on the web site the avatars are able to chat with one another only by selecting the phrases that are available on the site.

Barbie girls MP3player not only plays music, it also becomes a key to opening certain restricted areas including the ability to purchase a pet on the web site.  The girls can dress their avatars and whenever hair facial features and clothing they want.  If the girls own Barbie girls MP 3 player they are allowed to select from a larger variety of designs.

The web site also has available an e-mail program within the site for the girls to e-mail one another.  There not allowed to give out personal information or personal e-mail accounts but they can stay in contact on their own pages there on the web site.  And while these girls are on the site they can play games.  The site is more geared for younger girls, ages 6 through 8.

Barbie girls MP3player is also a doll.  This doll comes with outfits and hair and accessories.  Young girls can play with, and dress up there MP3 players, as they would their Barbie dolls.  Between having the perfect Barbie doll to play with and having great tunes there is the Barbie Girl MP3 player.  The Barbie Girl MP3 player has 512 mb internal memory with an expansion slot for a miniSD card.

This year Barbie will not only be played with in the house, she’s helping your daughter make friends and learn computer skills.  With the web site being as closely monitored is as it is the girls who play on this site will most likely never meet each other in real life, yet they will still be able to be best friends or should I say BFF when their online.  If your child does get a BarbieGirls account and go online to chat, the site gives you information about the privacy rules and the usage rules.  BarbieGirls .com is setup with your child’s safety in mind.

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  • hi i got this 4 my daughter and i must say DO NOT BUY IT. your daughter will never go on barbie girls it is always filled up.