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Recall Alert – Aqua Dots by Spin Master Being Recalled

Aqua Dots are being recalled due to some of the Aqua Dots being contaminated with a powerful Date Rape drug...

This is one of the craziest recalls I have seen and wanted to alert parents very quickly. CNN has just published news that Aqua Dots is being recalled. According to the CNN article, about "4.2 million Chinese-made Aqua Dots toys contaminated with a powerful "date rape" drug that has caused some children to vomit and lose consciousness upon ingesting the contents"

Plus I just noticed information on the recall is at The Aqua Dot recall page was put up just yesterday.

If you have any of these products go to the above recall page and make sure you throw the Aqua dots away or get them out of the reach of your children immediately.

Where is all this going to end? Toys with lead paint and now toys that when swallowed can metabolize into a chemical compound known as gamma hydroxy butyratecontaminated toys, a powerful "date rape" drug? As a parent I am really concerned and will need to be extra cautious this holiday season. The hard thing is that it is very difficult to find any toys that are not made overseas anymore and that is very upsetting.

So where is the quality control with products coming in from overseas? Where are the quality standards? I would think at the very least a random sample of each new batch of toys should be checked by the companies who make them? Maybe they are, if so how can such things get out to the consumers? As a parent and owner of More4kids this hits at home and has me very concerned and outraged. There is nothing more precious then our kids and we should do everything possible to help protect them.

I don’t want to get political, but I will anyway, something needs to be done right now to ensure the safety of our kids and help bring back manufacturing to the U.S.

Here again is the page on the Aqua Dots recall to visit:



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