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Helping Your Teens With Adolescent Changes

I tend to remember my teenager years with fondness and often forget all the changes and hardships I went through. Teenagers today face a whole different world that in may ways is a lot more challenging than when I was a teen. Here are some tips to help you teener cope with their changes...

Ah, to be a teen again. I have often thought that myself. We sometimes forgot all the changes we went through and how tough it can be for a teener in todays world. The teenager years are perhaps the most difficult years that a person will go through in life. This is the time when teen friendsconfusion seems part of life and problems with identity seem never-ending.

Because of the many changes that the average teenagers undergo at this period, adolescence can be pretty overwhelming. Some are able to cope while others flounder with their steps, stumbling over hindrances that in some standards are just small. But for teenagers, these stumbling blocks represent the very core of their beings and identities as persons.

When they find themselves at a loss and unable to cope as manageably as other people, they see themselves as failures and will feel depressed about it. And as these continue, they will slowly lose their self-esteem and will begin to trust the judgment of others more than they trust themselves.

This is why it is wrong to say that the changes during the adolescent period bring about loss of self-esteem. They do not. What makes teenagers insecure is their inability to cope with those changes as compared to people they know whom are also undergoing the same kind of changes.

Still, parents can do something to help their children cope with the changes brought on by adolescence. Below are some of the ways how.

1. Explain

Sometimes the only problem is the lack of information about the changes that they are undergoing. Telling them beforehand what will happen will ease some of their worries. Knowing what to expect will also make them understand more what they are going through. They will also be able to prepare more for the onslaught of changes.
Give them books that they can read. Help them research resource materials from the internet. Take them to a professional like a doctor who can tell them about the things that they can expect. Information is a powerful tool. When you have the right information, you are able to make choices that will help you become better. After all forewarned is forearmed!

2. Be there for them 
Tell them that you will always be there to answer their questions about anything and everything. Assuring them that they can come to you for help and for anything that they want will reassure them that they are not alone in this world and that they can rely on you when it comes to the changes in their lives.

Having someone to talk to with their problems without having to worry about censure or judgment is a wondrous thing for them. Sometimes, they don’t even need help, they just need someone to be there for them.

3. Tell them of your own experiences, both the good and the bad 
Knowing that they are not the only ones who had difficult times coping with the change of adolescent years will reassure them so much. When explaining the changes that they will be encountering, use your own experience as an example. Make them realize that you too had gone through the same changes and you are okay now.

You were able to surpass the problems. Tell them that there is nothing to be afraid of. Sharing your experiences will also strengthen your bond and will also make them feel closer to you. Knowing that you have gone through the same things that they are going through right now will also make it easier for them to go to you for help or advice.

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A Parents perspective. Articles and Content created by Parents for Parents.

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