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Children and Charities – Teaching Kids to Share

Teaching our children to share can be one of the most challenging things to teach, and perhaps one of the most important things we can teach out kids. After all, young kids think everything is theres. Here are some ways to help teach kids to share.

Sharing is caring - children holding hands around globeSharing is Caring – Teaching our children to share can be one of the most challenging things to teach, and perhaps one of the most important things we can teach out kids. Younger children tend to think everything is theirs. One way to help teach sharing is to start donating to children’s charities. As the holiday season fast approaches, Thanksgiving and Christmas are opportune times to teach our children about sharing and caring for others who are not as fortunate. They can also learn that they can donate more than just money. It is also a good idea to donate new or gently used things, like toys, clothes books, or time.

In addition to teaching children to share, it helps them learn the value and satisfaction that comes with helping others. Decide as a family how often to go through things and pass on nice things that the family no longer needs. The items should be in good shape.

Make it a scheduled family event. Once a month or every couple months, go through things and decide what might make a nice thing to pass on to a charity. Let the kids have a say in what they want to donate. Another idea is to just have a box labeled for donations available all the time to add things to as you come across them. When the box is full you can take it to the charity. You can even arrange for it to be picked up, as many charities have scheduled times they drive through different neighborhoods to collect contributions.

If you have the opportunity to give to a Toys for Tots, sit down and explain to your son or daughter there are many kids that are not going to be getting toys or Christmas presents this year. Get your child involved, have them help go to the toy store to pick out a gift, have them help wrap it if they can, and finally have them go with you when you donate it. Kids learn by example and as parents they look up to us.

Donating time is also a great way to help. Maybe the charity needs help at a fundraiser or providing things for bake sales. If everyone donates a little time, more things can get done. Many children’s charities are connected to children who are suffering with some sort of illness and may have to spend a lot of time in hospitals. Taking the time to make their stay nicer can be a great way to help a children’s charity. One way to really help is by visiting and decorating the children’s areas in bright, cheerful designs, so it seems less like a hospital.

There are many charities out there, but it is important to research before you donate. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take advantage of generous people. If you stick with the more well known charities, such as The Make-a-Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, UNICEF, or St. Judes just to name a few, you’ll be certain your helping a truly worthy cause.

There are also local children’s charities and programs that are just as respected. If you need ideas, talk to your local children’s hospital. They can probably give you a list of possible organizations that are always looking for donations or volunteers. Some hospitals even have book or toy collections right inside the building where you can drop off your donations. Check with the local religious community, as they may have ties to special children’s charities as well.

Helping others is a great way to give back a little of what we’ve been given. It helps us to keep perspective on what is most important in life. More importantly, it helps others have a better life and helps teach your child at an early age the value of helping out others who are less fortunate.




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