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The Best Sprout TV Shows

best sprout tv shows

As a parent I love the Sprout TV Network which is included in the Spectrum Cable TV Packages. There are several wonderful TV shows on Sprout, the first-ever 24-hour television show dedicated to programming that is appropriate for children between the ages of 2 – 6 and their parents. Currently, Sprout is available in nearly 60 million homes thanks to their cable tv services provider. This children’s network was acquired by NBC Universal Cable Entertainment in late 2013. Since that time, it has quickly grown into one of the most popular children’s television channels to ever hit the screen. Sprout has a comprehensive lineup of the best television shows currently being broadcasted for children, as noted by Exporexi.

The network focuses on inspiring families to explore and experience the infinite possibilities of life on a daily basis. In addition to this, it introduces important skills and concepts that are tailored to preschoolers. Currently, the best Sprout TV shows include The Sunny Side Up Show, Nina’s World, and the all-time favorite, Caillou. Recently, Sprout named the ever-popular and highly respected actress, Alyssa Milano, as their very first “Mom-Bassador”. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the television shows highlighted in this introduction, as well as Alyssa Milano’s new role with the Sprout Network.

The Sunny Side Up Show

The Sunny Side Up Show is a specially-designed programming block on Sprout that was first introduced in the fall of 2007. Each and every single week, new themes are introduced to the viewing audience. Examples of these themes may include certain holidays, foods, animals, and more! It starts at 9:00am Eastern Time on each day of the week. The hosts of the show, Chica, Carly, Emily, Kaitlin, and Tim sign songs, tell stories, play a variety of games, and even feature birthday cards and artwork from the viewers. Recently, Sprout’s first-ever Mom-Bassador was featured on The Sunny Side Up Show as the “President of the Big City Committee”. Not only did she capture the imagination of Chica with the explanation of how much Mac & Cheese could be found in the big city, she captured the hearts and imagination of her viewing audience, as well!

Nina’s World

Nina’s World is an animated series that debuted on Sprout in 2015. This is a type of spin-off from the ever-popular The Good Night Show. It was in this show that Nina (played by Michele Lepe) worked with a character named Star to introduce a variety of programs and different segments that would encourage the viewers to go to sleep. In Nina’s World, Nina is a 6 yr. old child that navigates through her childhood and learns various things about culture. Families absolutely love this new series because it truly embodies the spirit of childhood and the art of discovery.


Caillou is an educational-based children’s show that is very popular on the Sprout Network. It is based on the books by Christine L’Heureux and is about a 4 year old boy that is absolutely fascinated by all that surrounds him. Caillou lives in a blue house with his parents and his little sister, Rosie. He embarks on numerous adventures with his family and his friends. In each episode, he uses his imagination. Not only does this show capture the imagination with its themes and concepts, the bright colors and the calmness of the storytelling is said to also capture the imagination of its young viewers.

Alyssa Milano as the First-Ever “Mom-Bassador” on Sprout

Now that you are familiar with a few of the best shows currently being broadcasted on Sprout, we would like to highlight the recent induction of Alyssa Milano as the very first “Mom-Bassador” of the Sprout Network. The network is currently undergoing a brand refresh that is set to go live on September 26th, which is the 10th birthday of Sprout. The mother of two will be the voice and the new personality of the network. Alyssa Milano will narrate a variety of segments that will entice the energy, imaginations, and wonder common to the young viewers. She will do this through exquisite photography, rich colors, and detailed design schemes. Alyssa Milano will deliver a fresh, more contemporary feel to the network that will captivate her audiences.

Alyssa Milano was selected for this very special role for many reasons. First, she is a true Sprout parent, who has two children that are avid fans of the network. She has a unique method of embodying the sheer energy and unique playfulness that is the true essence of the Sprout Network. Not only does she have the unique capability of capturing the attention of her young viewers, but, she also has the ability to connect with parents of the viewers on a very real level. She has recently stated that every single day is a way in which she discovers extraordinary in the ordinary with her children. She is sure to bring the freshness and innovation behind the Sprout Network by utilizing this philosophy in her new Mom-Bassador position!



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