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Attention Dads: Mothers Day Is Coming Up

boy and mom on mothers dayIf you are not a dad, please stop reading or go get one! I am not kidding…. This is for dads of younger kids. It is up to us to make this mothers day extra special for both the love of our lives and our children. It is our way to show our wives how much they are appreciated, a time to dote on them, and a time to bond with our kids to make moms day extra special. There are a number of Mother’s Day ideas for younger kids to become involved in. Let’s explore and look a few of them.

First of all, there are a number of Mother’s Day books which younger kids can read to their moms to celebrate the day. In addition, if your child attends pre-school, the teacher may have each of the kids make hand prints as a gift for their moms. Or the child can be helped making flowers using construction paper.

Children love to make gifts for parents. These are just a few of the things younger kids can do to show their love on Mother’s Day. Here are a few more ideas.

  • Dad can make breakfast for mom and the younger child can bring it to mom’s room and surprise her.
  • Make Mother’s Day signs and hang them around the home.
  • Write a letter to Mom on colorful paper.
  • Make a Mother’s Day card.
  • Dad can go online and print out a Mother’s Day template for kids to color and present to mom.
  • The kids may offer to do certain chores for a week.
  • If age appropriate, the kids could make signs and glue them on to t-shirts.
  • Use construction paper to make a hanging sign spelling out the word love.
  • There is an award template which can be printed out and given to mom.

There are a myriad of other great ideas in which younger kids can show mom how much they are loved. Kids are creative, and they may come up with other Mother’s Day ideas or activities as well. Perhaps dad can take the child out to the garden and choose a rose to give to mom.

Mother’s day ideas for younger kids, depending upon their age, can encompass a variety of creative and thoughtful presents. Dad, ask your kids what they would like to do, and offer your assistance. Have fun making secret plans with your child. They will love you for it. Make this day special for mom. You know, she sure deserves it!


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