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Parenting Tips for Boys – Raising Young Men of Character

Parenting Boys can have it challenges. If you happen to have boys of your own, here are some helpful parenting tips that you can use as you raise them to become young men of character.

Parenting Boys - Dad and Young Son having fun togetherMany people have different ideas concerning which gender is easier to parent – boys or girls. In the end, both have their challenges and their stages that can be difficult to deal with. While some people may have the idea that boys are easier to raise in many ways than girls, there are specific challenges you’ll deal with when you are raising a boy. It definitely is not an easy task – in reality, it’s not an easy task to raise any child. Boys often respond to things differently than girls do, and your parenting techniques may need to be different with a boy than it would be with a girl. Remember that your long term goal is to help your son become a mature and responsible adults. If you happen to have boys of your own, here are some helpful parenting tips that you can use as you raise them to become young men of character.

Tip #1 – Ensure There is a Good Role Model in His Life

Probably one of the most important tips for raising a boy is to ensure that there is a good role model, a male role model, in his life. This role model should preferably be his father, although there are situations where the father may not be in the picture. Even if your son has his father in the picture, it’s always great to have other male role models that he can look up to as well. A good male role model can help boys to learn about male characteristics that are desirable and boys also learn a lot by the way their role model treats others, such as women, too.

Tip #2 – Set Behavioral Boundaries

It’s important that you also set some behavioral boundaries with your boys. Boys really need to have some boundaries so they know what behavior is acceptable. Often boys are rowdier than most girls, so they require a bit more guidance. They need to know what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. It’s also important that you keep these boundaries enforced if you are going to raise a son that is courteous and disciplined.

Tip #3 – Work On Communication

Another important tip for parents raising boys is to work on communication. Boys are not quite as into talking and bonding with you as girls are. Developing good communication can be a bit tougher for you. You want to make sure that your son feels like he can comfortably talk to you. Start out spending time with your son while he is young so you really get to know him. Working on communication with your son while he is young will help you open the doors for communication later in life when he has a problem and wants to come to you about it.

Tip #4 – Make Sure He Has Chores Too

In many cases, we tend to forget about giving sons chores. Society often teaches that household chores are for the girls. It’s important that you teach him that this is not the case. He needs to have some chores around the house that he is responsible for as well. This will help him to learn about being conscientious and about equality in a relationship as well. After all, not every guy gets married right away either, so learning to do household chores may be very educational and helpful to him in the future.

Tip #5 – Encourage Him to Show Emotions

Boys are often taught by society not to show their emotions. Often they try to hold in their emotions, which is bad for them. While you don’t want to go the opposite way and make him overly emotional, you should encourage boys to show some emotion. Teach your son that it is okay to shed tears and show other emotions when things happen in his life. Don’t let society shape the way he thinks about emotions. A boy that is taught to show more emotion will grow up to be more sensitive and can related better with people.

Tip #6 – Find Constructive Ways to Burn Off Energy

You also need to find constructive ways for boys to burn off their energy. Usually boys have more energy than most girls do and he needs to have a way to burn that energy off. Great options include allowing them to go outside an play, riding bmx bikes, or even getting involved in sports at school or in the community. Also keep in mind that boys are often louder than girls are, which is normal. However, you can work with your son to keep the noise level down in the house if you want to keep your sanity as a parent.

Tip #7 – Be Patient

Last, remember that you need to be patient with boys as they begin to grow up. This is especially important as they hit puberty. Often their body matures faster than their mind. It’s easy to begin to expect him to behave like an adult when he really is still a boy. Make sure that your expectations are appropriate to his age and be patient as he matures. He’ll make mistakes, but try to find ways to guide him without losing your patience.

Yes, dealing with boys can be a whole different ball game than dealing with little girls. However, it can be very rewarding. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll find that raising boys will become easier for you.

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A Parents perspective. Articles and Content created by Parents for Parents.


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  • Tip #1 us a great one. While we can not change our culture outright it does seem sad that families are so segmented and spread out.

    Some cultures make this easy. As the boy grows up he works with is father, and often is close to his grandfather if not working along side him also. Then there are uncles that are around frequently. Not that these influences are always the best role models but family is around.

    But in our culture there is more need for boys to have good role models especially if the dad is not in the picture. Boys need a great role model. Also sometimes dad is just so busy with work and other activities that he is hardly around to be a role model, unless you want to teach the boy to be absent from the family all the time.

    #5 – I agree this is important. What good comes from bottling up your emotions. A strong secure individual is able to show their emotions.

    Thanks for sharing the list.