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  • Format:CD-ROM
  • Languages:German (Subtitled), German (Dubbed), English (Dubbed), Spanish (Dubbed), French (Dubbed), Italian (Dubbed), German (Original Language), English (Original Language), Spanish (Original Language), French (Original Language), Italian (Original Language), English (Unknown)
  • Platforms:Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Media:Video Game
  • Genre:Adventure Games
  • ESRB:Teen
  • Discs:1
  • Operating System:Windows
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  • Rome: Total War Gold Edition

Editorial Reviews:
Rome: Total War is an epic-scale strategy game that invites you to experience the grandeur glory and brutality that was ancient Rome. Enpassing three centuries of warfare from the Punic Wars to the death of Augustus the game captures the excitement and challenge of conquering and ruling the Roman Empire. Using military might diplomacy subterfuge and assassination this is a struggle to reach and retain the Imperial throne.But that's no small feat. Along the way you'll have to dodge assassins' knives build and govern cities train and mand armies obey the wishes of the Senate (some of the time) stage gladiator games and face many other challenges and surprises.The Barbarian Invasion expansion pack moves the action on by over 350 years to the end of the Roman world. The Empire had changed in that time and was now Christian and not entirely Roman. The army was largely manned by "barbarians" and the Empire itself had split in two. The western part was to be crippled by a series of poor emperors bad administration civil unrest and large scale migration by barbarians into Roman lands. Eventually as the money ran out the Empire's forces were withdrawn from the outlying provinces and the locals were left to fend for themselves.Features Innovative battle tactics - Experience innovative battlefield tactics and real-time battles with up to 10000 soldiers on-screen at once. Command and build your campaigns - Command and build economic civil religious and military power with the century-spanning campaign. Fight against great leaders - Fight alongside or against history's greatest leaders such as Julius Caesar Spartacus and Hannibal to expand or destroy the Roman Empire. Lay siege with signature weapons and abilities - Lay siege against the Romans as Attila the Hun the fearful Saxons or other savage factions using signature weapons and abilities.System Requirements:MINIMUM: Processor: 1.4Ghz. RAM: 512MB. Graphics: 128MB VRAM. OS: 10.5.8.

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