Can you avoid the Mom vs Dad Tug-Of-War?  Have you ever watch the program, “The Nanny”? If you have you will  undoubtedly notice that most of the time kids play moms and dads against each other.  Parenting can be extemely tough when a child tries to pit mom versus dad. The root cause is children need to be loved and disciplined by both parents; not by one over the other. Thus, avoiding the inevitable tug-of-war becomes the problem at hand. How to keep your kids from playing mom and dad against each other is an issue which involves many thought-provoking questions.READ More on Parenting and Keeping Your Kids From Playing Mom and Dad Against Each Other

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Taking great family photographs

Make you posed family shots lively Whether you’re a scrapbooker or just throw your pictures in a box in the closet, you want the best possible family photos. Follow these tips to make your photos the best.

Take candid shots
Sure, once in a while you’re going to want the classic shot of the whole family lined up on the couch or porch. But for most of your shots, take candid shots of your family working, playing, talking, and relaxing. You will capture your family’s personality that way and your pictures will be much more interesting.

To get good candid shots, you will need to have your camera ready at all times and be willing to take a lot of shots. Professional photographers may shoot an entire roll of film and only get one or two useable shots. Fortunately, if you have a digital camera, you won’t have to worry about wasting film and can just delete the shots that didn’t work.READ More on Tips For Taking Family Photos

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Parenting by Marilyn Heins : A few pointers on how to handle a … – Arizona …

18 Feb 2007 at 2:24am

Parenting by Marilyn Heins : A few pointers on how to handle a ….
Arizona Daily Star, AZ – 15 hours ago
Address parenting questions to Dr. Marilyn Heins, Arizona Daily Star, PO Box 26807, Tucson, AZ 85726, or Heins' book, "ParenTips ….

Gov't, church need not fight on responsible parenting: population office (Sun…

18 Feb 2007 at 11:55am

COMMISSION on Population (Popcom) Regional Director Vicente Molejona said that in the implementation of Responsible Parenting Movement (RPM), the government and the church need not continue with their age-old arguments on the issue of family planning.

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Two Toddlers Sitting TogetherBabies turn into toddlers very quickly. Many parents are completely surprised by how much spunk and orneriness a twenty-five pound toddler can pack. It is a widespread fact that the toddler years of children can easily be some of the most trying times for parents. This is when your childs personality starts to develope. However, the good news is that with a few tips and tricks under your belt, the toddler years can indeed be survived – and even be enjoyed most of the time by parent and child alike. The key to managing this sometimes challenging phase is to allow your child room to grow and explore while establishing boundaries and rules for him. The balance can be delicate and tricky, but is essential in developing a good relationship with your little one.READ More on Parenting and the Toddler Years – Tips for Surviving and Enjoying Them

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Are you a super mom?Are you suffering from Super Mom Syndrome? For those of you who are too young to remember, The Donna Reed Show epitomized what it was to be a super mom. Yes, she did it all, and was the perfect role model for women of that era. What most people do not know is that Donna Reed was executive producer of the show, and was heavily involved in the show’s immense popularity. This was at a time when women were subjugated to one particular role. Subsequently, the emancipation of women brought them within equal status of the dominant male. With a nine to five job; children to care for; and either a single parent or not; moms are expected to do it all. But, are they? It certainly can be said they chose this particular path. Thus, the super mom syndrome was born; but at what price? READ More on Parenting Overload – Super Mom Syndrome

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Drinking Water for Toddlers Is Essential

Girl drinking waterChildren often see all sorts of concoctions on television that make water appear very unexciting and unappealing. How can water compete with a soda or kool-aid? Providing water for a toddler early on is important for your child health, and encouraging him to drink it as part of his routine, makes the task less daunting. If you wait to introduce water to a toddler once he’s tasted yummy beverages like Kool Aid and cola, he will probably wrinkle his nose and ask for something else after one sip. From an early age we always provided our son with his own water bottle and encouraged him through example. So far that has worked well. Here is some information on why water is so important and some additional tips to help get your young one to drink more water.READ More on Why Is Drinking Water So Important For Toddlers And Young Children?

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Nicole Kidman Gives Tom Cruise's Katie Holmes Parenting Tips – Post Chronicle
15 Feb 2007 at 12:10pm

E Canada Now Nicole Kidman Gives Tom Cruise's Katie Holmes Parenting Tips
Post Chronicle – 5 hours ago
Nicole Kidman gives Katie Holmes parenting advice. Katie became stepmother to Nicole's adopted children, Isabella and Conor, when she married Nicole's ….
Nicole Kidman Offers Katie Holmes Some Parenting Advice E Canada Now
Nicole Kidman gives Katie Holmes parenting advice South Asian Women's Forum
Nicole And Katie Give Each Other Helping Hand With Kids All Headline News
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Holistic pregnancy, parenting featured at Indigo Festival (Hunterdon County D…
15 Feb 2007 at 3:09pm
"The Indigo Festival: A Celebration of Holistic Pregnancy and Parenting" is coming to the Courtyard Marriott in Lebanon this month.
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