a shy child holding a flowerDo you have a shy child and what can you do to help your child overcome his or her shyness? As a young child I was extremely shy and know how it can carry on throughout childhood and into adulthood. Shyness can be a difficult problem, especially for a child. Whether the shyness is a result of an inner problem or simply not wanting to participate in conversation, you can help your toddler overcome shyness.READ More on How To Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

worried little girlMost children love to blame someone else for their troubles and mishaps. If they do something wrong or get into trouble then their gut instincts are to put the blame on the next person that they can. Why do they do this? The answer may surprise you. Good parenting and teaching your child to accept responsibility should start at a young age.

Kids make these quick sudden “blame decisions” because they have been taught that accepting self-responsibility is going to have a negative result with their parents. Take a step back when your child gets in trouble. What does he or she say? How often does he say it? Take notice.

Most often, children will say “He did it,” or “It's not my fault,” or “My teacher gave me a bad grade,” etc. If this describes your child then you must examine your own previous attitudes. Consider how you have treated them in the past when trouble would arise. READ More on Responding Positively To Your Childs Mistakes

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What can you do to teach children about charity and helping others? charity begins at home: lemonade for Hurricane reliefOne of the most rewarding and unselfish aspects of the holidays is the ability to give to charitable organizations. You need only look around at the homeless and sick children to realize how fortunate you are to have everything you need, while they are lucky to have one meal a day. This is the time for children and charity to become synonymous. Here are some ideas that may help.

Most children do not realize what they have until they see another child wanting. Your child’s school may have engaged in the Toys For Tots program, which is a worthy program. Perhaps your child made a donation of one or two toys. If not, it is important to get your kids involved, no matter how miniscule, in the charitable field. The exposure to others who have very little is a lesson every child should learn and understand.READ More on Parenting And Teaching Kids To Be Charitable

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

family holding handsEvery once in a while, we see an article in the news about a woman giving birth at age 65 or 66. We don’t hear as much about older fathers, although 80-year-old Hugh Hefner made news earlier this year when he announced that he and his girlfriend were considering having a baby. While new parents over age 60 are rare, the fact is that more and more people in their forties and fifties are having children. 20% of women now wait until age 35 to have their first babies and a 2005 study showed that the birth rate for women in their early to mid-40s had grown 5% in the last decade. What special challenges and rewards await these mid-life parents? READ More on Parenting Over 40

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Do you remmeber the time when buying Easter baskets was affordable? Well, that does not seem the case these days, almost everything but the kitchen sink is included, making them a lot less affordable. Here are some tips for making your own Easter baskets using creative and ingenuous ideas that will not just be more economical, but a fun activity for you and your kids this Easter season. READ More on Easy Tips For Making Your Own Easter Baskets

Teach your kids to recycle this  Earth Day (April 22) Earth Day will be celebrated this April 22nd. It is a very important day for everyone who inhabits this planet. Every day, we are becoming more aware of the affects of global warming. As we strive to keep our eco-system in tact; and keep our rainforests from being destroyed; as a practical matter, there is more we can do on an individual basis. Teaching your kids the importance of Earth Day is the first step, as they will be our legacy and the caretakers of our planet in years to come. READ More on Help Teach Your Child The Importance Of Earth Day