Fruits are healthier than candyGood nutrition does more than feed your children’s bodies—it also feeds their brains. Eating the right nutrients helps children’s brains develop and grow so that they can think more clearly and handle stress better. For example, a study of 200 students found that eating bananas for breakfast on the day of an exam helped the students stay more alert. READ More on Nutrition – Feeding Your Childs Brain!

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The Importance Of Sleep

Click Here to Buy Me $14.95 plus $2 S&H (US Shipping only)We all know that sleep is very important. For young children it is even more important. When we enter a deep sleep, it  helps to enhance the immune system and stimulate the nervous system. When people dream, it helps to aid and enhance memory and learning. Both types of sleep are essential for childhood development. A lack of sleep can impair learning, reduce reaction time, cause moodiness, and increase the likelihood of accidents and injury. READ More on Music Therapy For Children

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“Remember to smile, honey.” “You are going to win!” “Don’t disappoint your mommy and daddy.”
You may have heard these words spoken to children during sports competitions or, more specifically, beauty pageants. While some may call it friendly competition; others are asking themselves, “Are you pushing your child too far?” This is a parenting question we should all ask ourselves. While we want to encourage our children to do their best, we don't want to push them to a point that can turn into resentment. READ More on Parenting, Competition, And Your Child

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It seems there is an almost irresistable attraction between germ and kids. You’ve taken your youngest child to the park; sit her in the sandbox, only to notice she begins to eat the sand. Perhaps your child is playing in the backyard with the family dog, and starts kissing the dog on the mouth. When it comes to germs and kids, an irresistible attraction is imminent. What can you do to avoid these two opposites from becoming attracted to each other?  Here are some tips that may help.READ More on Germs And Kids – Tips For Keeping Your Child Healthier

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oh, no, is that corn in the bowl? Mom can't fool this picky little toddler!Most parents are faced with this problem. Would'nt it be nice if our children ate everything put in front of them? As parents we all want our kids to have a healthy diet, but a toddler can make that task nearly impossible. My son, who is 4 1/2 can definitetly be a challenge. Children at that age and younger are notoriously picky eaters, and sometimes getting them to eat a well balanced meal can be quite a challenge. Even when a child eats well as a baby, a toddler may all of a sudden hate everything you try to feed him. Parents can only hope that the foods the little guy chooses are healthy and nutritious, but unfortunately that is not always the case. READ More on Is Your Toddler A Picky Eater?

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If you are a typical parent you may wonder what to do with all the artwork your child makes. It seems each one is a little milestone in your childs development. Family looking at scapbook togetherWell, the time has come to gather all of the artwork your kids made and devise a plan to incorporate all of them into one neat and compelling work of art. Here are some scrapbooking ideas for all that artwork your kids made for you. It will provide cherished memories for years to come.

If you can find a picture frame larges enough to accommodate the artwork, why not set up a collage and frame them proudly. You can also set up a portfolio of your child’s artwork by purchasing an artist’s book. In this way, the artwork will not become damaged over the years, and can be stored in a safe area in your home.

Another idea is to develop a theme scrapbook based upon your child’s artwork. You can organize the album alphabetically or by genre. Whichever you prefer, this will be a fun project for both you and your kids. READ More on Scrapbooking Ideas For Cherished Memories