a family photo with grown kidsWhen new parents bring that precious little bundle home from the hospital, it is doubtful that they are considering the implications that a lifetime of parenting will bring. Although most kids only live with their parents for the first couple of decades of life, the parenting job is never really finished entirely. Adult parenting can bring with it a whole host of other issues, and a need to see your relationship with your kids in an entirely new light. The truth is that most people never outgrow the need for their parents, and adult parenting reflects that need with new challenges and responsibilities from both sides of the relationship.READ More on Adult Parenting – The Best Kind Of Job Security

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Sunday, May 13th, 2007 is a day Dads and Kids better not forget . Mother's day will be here before you know it. What will Dad and kids be doing to make this a very special day? father, son and mom on mothers dayWhether it’s giving a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers, moms everywhere appreciate whatever their kids give them for Mother’s Day. Here are some Mothers day activities and gift ideas that are sure do delight:

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By Julie Baumgardner

toddler throwing temper tantrumYour child reaches for a candy bar at the checkout counter and you tell him, “No.” He proceeds to throw a tantrum. Do you – plead with him to stop, step over him and walk away or buy him the candy bar so he will stop embarrassing you in public?

Your child looks at you with disgust, rolls her eyes and says, “You can’t tell me what to do” and turns on the television to tune you out. Do you – send her to her room, leave the room for a minute to get yourself together in preparation for dealing with the situation, or ignore the behavior?

It is 7:00 a.m. You go in to wake your son for the third time. He growls at you and refuses to get up. Do you – go in and physically get him out of the bed, turn up the radio so loud he can’t possible sleep through it or remove yourself from the situation and let him sleep?

If you are a parent, you have probably encountered at least one of these situations and have been confused about the best way to discipline your children.

According to Dr. Kevin Leman, author and parenting expert, we have arrived at a place in history where American families have become child-centered. American parents have become permissive and democratic and American children have become spoiled, sassy and out of control. In response to each of the situations above, Dr. Leman would say that all of these children need a healthy dose of “reality discipline.” READ More on Parenting: Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

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boy and mom on mothers dayIf you are not a dad, please stop reading or go get one! I am not kidding…. This is for dads of younger kids. It is up to us to make this mothers day extra special for both the love of our lives and our children. It is our way to show our wives how much they are appreciated, a time to dote on them, and a time to bond with our kids to make moms day extra special. There are a number of Mother’s Day ideas for younger kids to become involved in. Let’s explore and look a few of them.READ More on Attention Dads: Mothers Day Is Coming Up

a shy child holding a flowerDo you have a shy child and what can you do to help your child overcome his or her shyness? As a young child I was extremely shy and know how it can carry on throughout childhood and into adulthood. Shyness can be a difficult problem, especially for a child. Whether the shyness is a result of an inner problem or simply not wanting to participate in conversation, you can help your toddler overcome shyness.READ More on How To Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

worried little girlMost children love to blame someone else for their troubles and mishaps. If they do something wrong or get into trouble then their gut instincts are to put the blame on the next person that they can. Why do they do this? The answer may surprise you. Good parenting and teaching your child to accept responsibility should start at a young age.

Kids make these quick sudden “blame decisions” because they have been taught that accepting self-responsibility is going to have a negative result with their parents. Take a step back when your child gets in trouble. What does he or she say? How often does he say it? Take notice.

Most often, children will say “He did it,” or “It's not my fault,” or “My teacher gave me a bad grade,” etc. If this describes your child then you must examine your own previous attitudes. Consider how you have treated them in the past when trouble would arise. READ More on Responding Positively To Your Childs Mistakes

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