What do you do when when you find out that your toddler is starting bite other children? While toddlers are always prone to hurt themselves in their little ventures around the household, many of them use the weapon of their teeth to hurt other children, or even grown ups. Toddler biting is one of the disturbing behaviors that parents or guardians encounter when their children enter the toddling stage. Understanding the causes of this behavior and seeking preventive measures is a primary concern for many parents and caretakers. READ More on Parenting And Coping With Toddler Biting Issues

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toddler covered in paintWhen a child reaches the toddler stage they start to become a 'little person' with their own personality. As they develop in this stage they also start to exert their own independence. This can is a normal stage of development, but at time can make parenting a real challenge. First-time parents are very rarely prepared for a running and screaming toddler who can make a quick escape in a department store. And, no parent is prepared for the first time a toddler shears her curly locks or those of the family dog. Yes, parenting toddlers is a trying experience for even the most composed parents. READ More on Parenting Toddlers Can Be Challenging And Entertaining

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adorable girl with four leaf clover on cheekSaint Patrick's Day is almost here and it will soon be time to get out the decorations. Here are a few ideas for some easy St. Patrick’s Day that you and  your kids are sure to enjoy.

1. Buy green construction paper and trace shamrocks from either a coloring book or a template online, and make a string of shamrocks to hang in your home.

2. You can’t celebrate the day without hats! You can easily make St. Patrick’s Day hats by using construction paper. While there are tons of templates available online, you can accomplish this task easily. Take two pieces of green construction paper and tape them together forming about a 14” long piece. Fold it into a circle and tape one side to the other. Take another piece of green construction paper to make the top of the hat by using a paper plate to trace a circle. Cut it out and use clear tape to attach it to the top of the hat. READ More on Some Craft Ideas for Saint Patrick's Day

Many times, in the heat of the moment we may use a label for a child that can have long term affects, especially if it is repeated. Consider a child who comes up to her mom and cries: “Mommy, Daddy called me stupid.” This form of humiliation can have lasting effects on a child. Whether it was said in the heat of the moment, or perhaps daddy had a bad day; it’s no excuse. Words hurt; it is an indelible rubber stamp of disapproval. Therefore, it is important to fully understand why labels can be destructive to children and lower your child self-esteem and self-confidence.READ More on Parenting And How Labeling Your Child Can Be Destructive

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Childhood asthma is near and dear to me. As a child I was hospitalized and visited the emergency room so many times I cannot even count. An asthma attack is very scary for both the parent and child. If a parent thinks their child is having an asthma attack it is important for the parent to remain calm and call 911 or a competent medical professional immediately. I cannot empasis enough for the parent to remain calm since raising the anxiety of a child will only make things worse. Now, on with the article on some things as a parent that will be helpful to know and watch out for:

READ More on Childhood Asthma

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Fruits are healthier than candyGood nutrition does more than feed your children’s bodies—it also feeds their brains. Eating the right nutrients helps children’s brains develop and grow so that they can think more clearly and handle stress better. For example, a study of 200 students found that eating bananas for breakfast on the day of an exam helped the students stay more alert. READ More on Nutrition – Feeding Your Childs Brain!

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