shred documents you don't need with your childs information on itUntil recently I have never heard of child identity theft. Sure, I have heard of identity theft and my wife and I have taken steps to protect ourselves. We view our bank statements on line regularly, destroy old credit cards, shred credit card statements etc. If you have not heard of this new crime, you must read the article on Child Identity Theft over at Who Stole My Identity.

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father-and-son.jpgEvery once in a while, we see an article in the news about a woman giving birth at age 65 or 66. We don’t hear as much about older fathers, although 80-year-old Hugh Hefner made news earlier this year when he announced that he and his girlfriend were considering having a baby. While new parents over age 60 are rare, the fact is that more and more people in their forties and fifties are having children. 20% of women now wait until age 35 to have their first babies and a 2005 study showed that the birth rate for women in their early to mid-40s had grown 5% in the last decade. What special challenges and rewards await these mid-life parents? READ More on Parenting after 40

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two young mothers and their kidsIf your child does not belong to a day care, or go to a pre-school and you are worried about your toddlers social development , you may want to consider a mommy and toddler group. This is also a great way in which moms continue the all important bonding with their toddlers, as well as having their child experience being with other toddlers, is through mommy and toddler groups.

There are a number of groups which you and your toddler can join. One of which is at a library or checking your local community to ascertain if they have any similar groups you can join. READ More on Mommy and Toddler Groups

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happy little boyIt is a universal fact that all parents want their children to be happy and healthy. It is also widely accepted that positive emotional development will play a big role in how healthy and happy your youngster really is. Encouraging your child’s emotional development will begin about the day that you bring that precious bundle home from the hospital, and will not end until the day you send him off to college. However, the toddler years are a key time for encouraging your child’s emotional development so that he will grow into a happy and well-adjusted child and adult. Here is some tips and ideas that may help. READ More on Parenting 101: Tips to Encourage Your Childs Emotional Growth

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self confident girl climbing ropeWe all want our children to be happy and grow up to be emotionally well-adjusted and successful. Perhaps that is one of our biggest parenting challenges. Being a successful parent means taking the time to understand what our kids need in order to be self confident, happy, and living a life of well-being. Here are six tips to help you raise your children to the top levels of their needs. READ More on Parenting Tips For Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

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By Michelle Donaghey
mom and son enjoying spring outsideIt’s official. The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and you don’t have to search high and low for boots and gloves. The stores are filled with shorts and bathing suits and suntan lotion! So why not get out and have a mini-celebration with your favorite people- your children!
Seven ways to celebrate
  1. Plant something special! Have your child pick out a special tree, plant or perennial for your yard or for your patio. Read about what helps it to grow. Learn with your child how to take care of it. Re-plant it if you like in a special pot that you shop for with him or her. If you plant it in your yard, do it in your child’s name. If possible, play some spring songs on a cassette or compact disc player while you are planting! Be sure to add a plant marker! READ More on Seven Fun Ways To Celebrate Spring With Your Toddler

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mom kissing sonParenting is no easy task. There is so much to do, so much to be concerned about. “Am I raising my children good enough?” “Should I enforce more rules on them?” “Am I punishing them too harshly?” The worries of whether we are being good parents go on and on. Unfortunately, all you can do is your very best. The best advice given to me was from a nurse after all first son was born, and that was simply to Always love him with all your heart.

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