I have heard this way too much: “I have attempted to do everything that I can to get my oldest son to stop hitting his other kids. Sometimes he even hits me. Then I only get angrier. Punishing my son doesn't seem to work and my last alternative is to spank him. And when I do spank him and make him apologize, he's back hitting the very next day!”

There are thousands and thousands of parents who are going through this very same situation every day. One thing leads to another with a child who is behaving badly and then the end result is the spanking of him.

But how are we ever going to teach our children that it is not alright to hurt others when we continue to hurt them as well? What sense does that make? Sure it temporarily relieves the situation but you have just reinforced to your son that hitting is ok to do, especially to them. Do we really want to set that kind of precedent for our children?READ More on Does Spanking a Child Work? Some Spank Free Alternatives

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child spending time with dad on fathers dayOne of the best gift ideas for dad on Father’s Day is to give him the day off, spend time with him, and have fun and allow dad to just relax with the family he loves. What better way than to engage in Father’s Day activities dad’s sure to love!

Is dad a golfer? Terrific! Why not take him to the golf range, with the entire family, and spend the day! As a surprise, you can present him with a driver! Think how excited he will be to be able to hit balls all day at the range.

Is dad a baseball fan? Take the entire family to a batting cage and watch as dad hits balls out of the park! Remember to bring his favorite baseball cap. Perhaps you have purchased his favorite team’s jersey! Take lots of pictures for the scrapbook! READ More on Some Father's Day Activities Dad Will Love

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girl and her pet dogChoosing a pet for your child is a very important decision that will last for many years. Some pets live ten to twenty years or longer, so the pet you choose today may become a lifelong friend as the child grows. Also, having a pet is a great way to teach your child responsibility.

What type of pet you choose for your child will depend on a variety of factors. How old the child currently is plays a role in your choice of pets, as does where you live, how much room you have, and how much time you as parents have too.

You see, when a child is still somewhat young, they won't be able to take care of most pets completely on their own. It's up to the parents to teach the children how to care for and love pets, and parents usually need to do a lot of the work themselves while their children are still young. So the amount of time you, as the parents, has available to devote towards the pet care, and the teaching of both pet and child will be an important part of choosing the proper pet for your child. READ More on Choosing a Pet for Your Child

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rainforestswing.jpgThis is a recall alert for the Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there have been 60 reports of this with "cuts, bumps, bruises and red marks" occurring. If you have this product please stop using it immediately. Small infants and babies have been caught between the seat and the frame.

You can contact Fisher-Price at 888-303-5631, or visit their recall page on their website here. When you contact them they will let you know what you will need to do to replace the swing and get a voucher for a free replacement item.

Photo copyright Consumer Product Safty Commission

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By Dr. Caron B. Goode 

Kevin's comment: This is an excellent article that can be applied to children of all ages. Reading and reflecting on it really helps one understand not only your child but also yourself. If you ever wonder why you and your child continually butt heads, this article can help. It provides insight in understanding not only your childs personality but your own. It has given me a whole new perspective in understanding my children.

sisters doing their choresTweens have a lot on their plates. They have school, friends, extracurricular activities, and impending puberty. It’s no wonder they have a hard time remembering their chores!
Common sense tells us tweens don’t remember chores because they are not important—to them. To tweens, chores may seem senseless. To parents, however, regular chores represent a sense of responsibility and belonging. Chores introduce tweens to the concepts of teamwork and time management. They also help build self-esteem and self-worth through pride in a job well done.
Before chores can teach these lessons, however, children must actually do them. Therefore, chores can be an effective parenting tool only if you master the art of motivating your tween.
Charts, reminders, and well placed notes are all ways of motivating your child. These methods can be very effective, but they can also be very time consuming. If time is something you have precious little of, take heart. There is a way of motivating your tween that does not increase your already heavy workload.READ More on Parenting and Coaching Tweens to Get Chores Done

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Traveling with KidsWith summer almost here, many families are planning a family getaway. Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit trying for parents, particularly when the kids are small. Small children often have very short attention spans, and they're not able to become absorbed in reading a book for instance, to while away several hours of a trip. Trips are hard on kids of all ages, because most kids want to move around and do fun things. Smaller kids have the most difficult time with traveling though, because on short hour can seem like a whole day to them. So keeping them occupied while traveling can be a challenge.

There are many things you can do to help make traveling with kids a more enjoyable experience though. Some things work well for smaller children, while others are usually best for kids a little older. Most of the techniques we cover here are for traveling with kids in a car, but some of the tips can be used for air travel, trains or buses too. READ More on Tips When Traveling With Kids

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