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By Julie Baumgardner

Karen’s son lied about his homework, so she grounded him from weekend activities. Her son was scheduled to be with his dad that weekend so she called her ex to ask him to honor the grounding. He refused, saying that was his only time with his son and he wasn’t obligated to fulfill her decisions. Karen was furious. 

Was Karen right to ask her ex to do this? Was her ex wrong not to honor her wishes? 

“The ultimate goal is to have Karen and Ted strive to enforce similar rules and cooperate regarding the children,” said Ron Deal, author of The Smart Stepfamily. “If you can achieve this level of cooperation, terrific, but the reality is, in many instances, they aren’t there. So, what we work toward is each household being autonomous, but sharing the responsibility for the children. Co-parenting does not mean sharing all decisions about the children or that either home is accountable to the other for their choices, rules or standards.” READ More on Co-Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Making Sure your Child Wins

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Mom, dad and son spending quality time togetherParenting responsibilities should be shared between mom and dad. Each parent should back up and fully support the other. Parenting is a demanding lifetime job from which you never get to retire. However, it is by far the most rewarding. There are no courses for parenting and no exams to pass – all you need to do is follow your instincts and make the right choice for your children. Shared parenting and shared responsibilities will help make parenting more enjoyable and rewarding. Here are some ideas to make the most of shared parenting, and make it work for you.READ More on Tips For Shared Parenting

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Single mom reading book to her daughterAre you a single parent who is looking to be a better Mother or Father to your children? Single parenting can be very rough and exhausting. Unfortunately, single-parent families are becoming more and more common today than ever before, it is never easy on the parent or the child. And increasingly large groups of children live with parents who were never married. Also, there are a small number of children living with a widowed parent.

There are of course many positive opinions behind being a single parent. For example, you can raise your child according to your own beliefs and traditions without conflicting input from a spouse. Single parents often form closer bonds with their children. Fathers who are single parents may end up being more nurturing and the Mothers end up being more involved with their child's social activities. READ More on Single Parenting – 6 Tips for the Single Parent

two young friends saying goodbyePart of parenting is keeping our children safe and secure. Kids feel safe and secure in a predictable world. The end of a school year can often times be a time of change for young kids. My son, Jacob, who is 4 1/2 has to say goodbye to a few of his friends. That can be hard for a young child to understand and comprehend. However, everything in life is changing every day, all of the time. Change is as basic a part of our reality as night as day is. If there is one thing that you can count on in life, it is the unpredictability of change. As human beings our bodies are in a constant state of change, our minds are always evolving, and our attitudes towards life are changing every minute by what we are experiencing from everything around us. READ More on Parenting 101: Teaching Your Kids Not To Fear Change

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Mommy, can I have another piggy back ride?Here is a parenting challenge: do you have a child that seems to always be craving your attention? Do you find yourself being asked non-stop by your child to check out every move they make? Even in the car, kids will ask Mommy and Daddy to turn around to look at something that they are drawing, or at something passing by, or a funny face he is making, etc.

Most parents get upset after a while because it seems that the child is not taking into consideration what their Mom or Dad is doing at that time. You should not get frustrated because for the most part a child's mind cannot grasp that you are busy doing something else, even though they can clearly see with their eyes. Although it is understandable that some of these “calls for attention” can be annoying, it is important to learn to appreciate your child's needs. READ More on Is Your Child Constantly Seeking Your Attention?

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three happy childrenI remember as a child growing up without any of the luxuries most children seem to be given today. More importantly, I was happier for it. If you take a look at all of the young celebrities, most of whom have the admiration of teenagers, it becomes more and more evident these kids had little or no constructive home life; but instead were given everything they’ve ever wanted. Is raising happy children without giving them the world even possible today? The answer is an unqualified yes.READ More on Parenting And Raising Happy Kids Without Giving Them The World

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