The next time you punish your child for something, one question to ask yourself, is "how do I feel?" Are you a parent who would like to know why you cannot seem to get your children to listen to you after they have made a mistake or have done something wrong by breaking the family rules? Do you try to fix every problem as soon as it happens, on the spot, while still steaming with anger inside?

To become the best possible parents that you can to your children when they break the rules or make mistakes, you must learn to control your own emotions in times of anger, and avoid punishing your kids when you are upset. Of course it is understandable to want to take corrective action immediately when your child's mishap is fresh. READ More on Parenting Tip of the Day: Avoid Puninshing When Angry

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Don't forget fathers day!Father’s Day will be here before you know it! Your kids are probably trying to come up with unique ideas this year. To help them, here are some Father’s Day ideas for younger kids that are sure to please Dad.

READ More on Fathers Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love

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When it comes to parenting our children, we all want to teach our kids responsibility. little girl helping wash family carIf you care about your son or daughter as much as I do then you probably have been guilty of spoiling them a bit. Unfortunately this practice is not a good way of empowering our kids. You need to nurture their abilities, not take them away. And of course we do this out of love, but there comes a time when parents must learn to never do for their kids what they can do for themselves.

It's tough at times, I know, but well worth it when you start thinking in terms of the future. For example, you must start instituting little chores around the house and other smaller responsibilities as soon as they are old enough. This will help teach them to be respectful of their atmosphere and to start learning that life takes a little “maintenance” each day. READ More on Chores and Teaching Responsibility

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As a parent one of the hardest things to do is watch your child make mistakes. While you may want your child to benefit from your mistakes, the greatest and most appreciated lessons are those personally learned. This can be one of our greatest parenting challenges, deciding when to step in and when to let your child experience their own mistakes.

If someone asked you why you should be happy your child is going out on their own, how would you answer? While we all want our children to be safe and have a happy, full life, yet at the same time have this desire for them to remain home just a bit longer, many of our peers are yelling, “Don’t clip their wings!” READ More on Teaching Self Reliance – Don't Clip their Wings

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Part of parenting is teaching and helping our children build a strong value system. this little tyke really loves moneyMy 4 year old son, for example, loves the look and feel of money. He gets extremely excited when he is handling money of any kind. So we have started giving him chores to earn his money. Our hope is that he will begin to associate work and money and appreciate the value of money a little better. While his allowance may be small, he looks forward to doing his chores to get that dollar bill.
By their own accounts, work is good for young boys and girls. Here are a few benefits from having to earn their own money and meet the requirements of a work commitment or a job: READ More on Kids And Money – Have Your Child Earn It

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mom and daughter playing a listening gameAs a parent of young children you probably find one of the biggest parenting challenges is to get your child to listen. Often you probably ask yourself: “If only my child would listen more!” This is a comment that parents of all ages and all cultural backgrounds are saying every day. The ability to teach your children to listen both in the home and outside of the home is truly the hallmark of successful parenting. If your kids will listen to you for a large portion of the time, then your future years of parenting will be much easier, for both you and your kids.

One of the best ways to raise children who are good listeners is to model good listening skills. Be a role model. Live a life of good communication between you and your spouse. When two parents are really listening to each as a way of life, not only with that relationship improve, but it will show the children the value and importance of paying attention. READ More on Tips To Help Teach Your Kids To Listen

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Grandmother and Granddaughter spending time togetherBeing a great grandparent is something of a balancing act. You need to be an understanding, supportive parent to your own children, as well as being supportive and loving to the grandchildren too.

As a parent to your own children, the temptation is always present to tell your kids what to do, correct them when you feel they're wrong, and disregard or disrespect their wishes. All of these actions will only serve to annoy, irritate, and possibly alienate them from you though. And if your adult children are alienated from you, it will be next to impossible to have a relationship with your grandchildren. READ More on Tips for Successful Grandparenting

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