For all our readers who have not experienced a blog carnival before you are in for a treat. Head on over to Everyday Disasters for the latest Carnival of Family Life. Once a week the carnival features some of the best family and parenting bloggers on the internet. It is a place fellow parents and caregivers share their experiences and wonderful stories. Christine, who hosted this weeks carnival did a fantastic job. There were over 60 entries posted. How she was able to post them all, read them and make comments on each one was truely amazing.

Being adopted myself, the article I loved the most and could relate to the most was from foreverparents entitled Finding out You are an Adoptee While her daughter knew she was adopted, she never knew there was a 'label' for a person being adopted. Labels can be very distructive or very positive. In this case it was positive, but it makes you think about some of the labels we were called as kids and makes me as a parent to avoid labels on my own kids.

Pass The Torch has some great Homeschool Tips and Advice. if you are a homeschooler, or especially new to homeschooling you shoudl check it out. New homeschoolers sometimes have a tendency to want their child to excel in every subject. This post points out that its ok not to. I would not want to put that type of pressure on my kids. Thanx for advising us to take a deep breath and relax.

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large extendend familyFamilies are systems and the members of a family are both individuals and part of a whole; they interact and play off one another. When you think about your family that way, you can see that if one part is skewed a little bit, it will throw the whole system off balance. Since we are all skewed a bit, our family systems can get kind of crazy.

When you think about your family that way, you can also see that it’s the entire family parenting the children, not just one or two individuals. Many times one finds themselves parenting the way they were parented and don't know any better.  Understanding family roles, history, relationships, and secrets can be helpful to straighten your family system up a bit and become better parents in turn. READ More on Understanding Family Parenting

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By Karen Sibal

kids having fun at summer campMy 9 year-old daughter recently informed me that summer was fast approaching, as if I wasn’t aware of the change of seasons around me. Rather than asking me what we had planned for this summer, she informed me that plans were underway with her “summer friends” as she calls them – a group of girls she sees exclusively at camp when school’s out. For the last two years, they’ve attended the same day camps and have had a blast. Summer has become a treasured time for them to build on their friendships while trying their hand at a new activity each year.READ More on Summer Camp 101: How to Select the Perfect Camp for Your Child

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family relaxing togetherOf the millions of parents in the world and each has their own different parenting style. This is not surprising as it would be crazy to think that the vast amount of  parents in the world would all have the same method of parenting. And, while there are a multitude of differences, the categories of a different parenting style generally fall into four specific areas: Indulgent, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and finally Connection Parenting. Connection Parenting is my style of parenting that I am working on, and I am hoping more parents will discover this wonderful style of parenting. Here is a description of some of the main parenting styles. Which one is yours?READ More on What is Your Parenting Style?

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If you have a child with ADHD you know that it can be a real. True ADHD is a neurological disorder that is controlled by medications which help re-balance the brain chemistry. I would like to try to address the issue whether or not a child has ADHD or if they have been misdiagnosed in a later article. It seems ADHD is becoming too over diagnosed when teachers or parents don't have the time, or don't know how to deal with a hyperactive child. True ADHD is a neurological disorder, and our parenting style needs to adjust. Keep in mind that acting impulsive, inattentive, sometimes out of control or easily distracted is all that your child has ever experienced. READ More on Parenting a Child with ADHD

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By Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE

a happy and strong familyIf someone asked you to describe the heartbeat of your home, how would you describe it – erratic, racing, consistent and steady, or always changing and unpredictable? Just as it is important for your heart to beat in a steady rhythm, research shows it is also important for the heartbeat of your home to be steady and strong.
The Warning Signs
We know that high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and being overweight are all factors that contribute to heart disease. Research has shown that an unhealthy heartbeat in the home can be caused by lack of communication, over commitment, high levels of conflict, in-laws with unrealistic expectations, an unhealthy family of origin, failure to balance home and work, out of control finances, and a variety of other things. READ More on The Heartbeat of a Healthy and Strong Family

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creating a scapbook page of childs birthSoon, your children will either graduate from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college. What a proud and exciting time this will be. From birth to graduation, creating a scrapbook for your child is a gift your child will truely charish in the years to come and can be passed down from generation to generation. Unlike the old days when tons of pictures were taken to capture every moment, today you can use scrapbooking to chronicle the life of your child up to, and including, graduation. Here are scrapbooking ideas for graduation memories to last a lifetime.

READ More on Scrapbooking Ideas – Creating Graduation Memories

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