mom and her teenage sonWe all want well adjusted and happy teenage sons and daughters. However, sometimes dealing with your teenager can be extremely challenging and tough, especially when you have a huge age gap that you have to cross. In addition, the adolescent years are perhaps the most difficult time that any person can undergo.

Mix all these factors and you have an explosive situation that frequently ends with arguments and crying sessions.

There are really no shortcuts when it comes to dealing with teenagers. They are truly difficult to handle, not only because they are undergoing so many changes in their lives but also because they are searching for themselves and their identities. With their increasing need for independence, you concern for their welfare can be seen as an interference and as a curtailment of their rights and their freedom. READ More on Tips for Parenting a Teen With Love and Support

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Would you say that your child is difficult to handle? Well, it may be a bit reassuring, but you are not alone. stubborn girlMany children, especially toddlers can be extremely strong willed when it comes to behaving nicely.

Take six-year-old Kristal for example. One second Kristal is very sweet and cooperative, and then the next moment she may suddenly turn very angry and defiant.

The smallest things tends to set her off, especially unexpected changes, food she doesn't like, or having to go somewhere with her parents. She literally throws tamper tantrums every half hour or so. Does this sound like your kid? READ More on Parenting and Dealing with a Difficult Child

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By Michelle Donaghey

kids making a big splash on a waterslideNo doubt about it! We love waterparks, whether they are indoor or outdoor ones!
“Waterparks appeal to families who want quality recreation time in an extremely safe environment. After all, waterparks are the safest place to have fun in the water compared to oceans, rivers, lakes and even swimming pools,” noted Gina Kellogg, Director of Communications for the World Waterpark Association, Overland Park, Kansas. In fact, there ware more than 1,000 waterparks in North America with an estimated attendance each season over 70 million people.
“For families who want a safe place to place in the water that’s also really convenient, then, waterparks are the perfect answer,” noted Kellogg.
The reasons?
For families, one of the most obvious reasons for our love is that the rides are very similar to roller coaster rides found in top-notch amusement parks. Some of them include:

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A mother and son got kicked off a plane after a flight attendent allegedly got annoyed at her son for saying 'bye bye plane'. Before kicking them off the flight attendented also allegedly wanted to drug the child with baby benedryl which the mom refused. I was totally shocked and outraged as a parent something like this would happen. Now I have almost heard everything. READ More on Talking Tot and Mom Kicked off a Continental Express Airplane

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by Stacey Schifferdecker
Let me admit something right up front: my husband and I have never chosen a guardian for our three children in case something happens to us. We know we need to—we just can’t decide on who would be the best person. Unfortunately, we’re not alone. Apparently, 2/3 of you parents out there are dithering right along with me, putting off this important decision and hoping it will never become an issue anyway. What if the unthinkable would happen, and what would happen to your kids? So let’s all agree, for the sake of our children, to get this guardianship issue settled!
Before you and your spouse start throwing out names of possible guardians, take a step back and define what traits and qualities are most important to you in a guardian: READ More on Choosing a Guardian for Your Child

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surprised childI was taken aback when I first heard about child identity theft. The fact is, children are increasingly VERY popular targets of identity thieves. This is a crime all parents should be aware of. Did you know that according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 500,000 children had their identities stolen in 2005? So why do Identity thieves like to target kids? The  reason is really simple if you think about it. It is because their information is often readily available and useful for many years: children often don’t discover their identities have been stolen until they grow up and begin trying to get jobs, take out car loans, and obtain mortgages, or apply for their first credit card.

While as parents we pride ourselves on being a responsible, safe, and caring parent. Your child wears a seatbelt, uses a bike helmet, walks when carrying scissors, and eats five servings of vegetables a day. In short, you are doing your best to ensure that your child grows up to be a healthy, happy, well-adjusted adult. Who knew that this job includes safeguarding your children from identity thieves? READ More on Child Identity Theft: Signs Your Childs Identity May Be Stolen

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playing and share togetherSharing is probably one of the most important lessions you can teach your child. Do you remember the old adage “Sharing is Caring.”? Perhaps we can use this little ditty to explain why sharing is so important. Here are a few ideas that may help teach your child to share.

Children learn by example. Don't forget, you are their best role model. If your child notices that you share with others, it may induce your toddler to do the same. However, kids will be kids, and as such they tend to guard what is theirs with a passion. To this end, perhaps you can utilize these tips:

READ More on 10 Parenting Tips To Help Teach Your Child To Share

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