girl visiting a zoological museumMuseums – maybe now that you've had kids, you think the only museums you can visit are the children's kind with fire poles and mini grocery stores. But while those kinds of museums are certainly fun, you don’t need to cross art or zoological museums off your list until the kids go away to college. Instead, you just need to plan ahead and change your approach.
Plan Ahead
Before you visit the museum, visit its website with your children. Look at pictures of the exhibits and talk about what you will see in the museum. Let your children pick out a few favorite items they want to see. If you can, print out some pictures of a few items READ More on Planning A Museum Trip With Your Kids

young boy doing his choresI am sure that you care about your son or daughter as much as I do, and that you may from time to time been have  been guilty of spoiling them. Unfortunately this practice is not a good way of empowering our kids. We need to help nurture their abilities, not take them away. And of course we do this out of love, but there comes a time when as parents we must learn to never do for their kids what they can do for themselves. The earlier one starts, the easier it will be. READ More on Teaching Responsibilty Through Role Modeling

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very optimistic and happy young boyIt makes common sense, but optimistic people enjoy better health, a longer life, and have less stress than a pessimistic person. An optimistic person will also achieve more in their life than a pessimist. You can subtly influence your child toward optimism. Optimism and healthy self-esteem can be taught and will help your child throughout their life.

How do you raise an optimistic child? There are several important ways to help your child learn to be an optimist. Help them to focus on their successes. Self-esteem and optimism can be learned and you can help your child while they are young. Give them simple jobs to do and praise them when they succeed. Even small children can help with simple chores and experience success when they are finished. READ More on Parenting and Raising Optimistic Kids

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fun kids outdoor activitiesEvery party needs fun games. Summer seems to have a lot of birthday parties. I wonder if it is because of the cold winters? I have brainstormed some of my favorite games from childhood. Here is a list my favorites. Enjoy, and if you have any fun ideas click here to leave a comment and tell us your favorites.

Crazy Faces: Mess factor: 0
Suitable age: Pre-teen and younger
Supplies needed: disposable cameras or digital cameras

Directions: Let kids take turns snapping pictures of each other making crazy faces. The object of this game is to see who can make the craziest face. Kids can take a vote and give a prize to the craziest face.

Pass the Egg: Mess factor: 10
Suitable age: All ages
Supplies needed: eggs, spoons

Directions: Group kids into pairs. Place one egg on a spoon, and then have a child to place the end of the spoon between their teeth. One child walks halfway to the finish line, and then passes the egg (from one spoon to the other) to their partner’s spoon. The partner then attempts to reach the finish line without breaking the egg. The object of this game is for partners to successfully pass the egg from one spoon to another and reach the finish line without splattering the egg everywhere.

Side note: This game is best played outdoors because of the mess factor. READ More on Fun Summer Kids Party Ideas

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bored little girl in a mess of toysHas your child accumulated what seems to be a million toys? The family room is cluttered up, toys are overflowing from their bins everywhere in your house. The worst thing of all is your child seems bored! How can that be?

So he or she is bored. This is a familiar scenario among kids of all ages. Formerly beloved toys sit forlornly in a corner after a few months, weeks, or even days of use. Your child’s lack of interest in his or her toys doesn’t necessarily mean they are spoiled. Rather, they may have used a toy enough that it’s no longer a novelty, and now they’re looking for something else to stimulate their mind.

You can take steps to ensure that your child’s creative juices don’t dwindle away along with the excitement of the toys. In addition, you can breathe new life into those very same toys. Here are some ideas: READ More on Does Your Child Have a Million Toys and Still is Bored?

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If your child bites it can be a parenting nightmare, especially if your toddler bites another child. The first time your child bites someone you probably were appalled that they could do such a thing! The good news is that some children go through this phase and most of the time it is a temporary problem. Believe is to not, biting is a common problem found in many preschools and daycares.

But first of all, it is import to understand why toddlers or babies bite. Many times they will bite because they want to relieve the pressure in their gums while teething. They may also think it is a fun game to play with mommy and daddy. Preschoolers often bite because they have not learned how to handle or cope with stress or do not have the verbal skills to communicate what is wrong with them. Biting is very upsetting to everyone and if you do not deal with it while they are young it may continue, as they get older. That is the last thing you would want to happen. There are a few hints and tricks you can use to help your biting child cope with stress and emotions in another way. Here are some ideas to help stop your childs biting habit.READ More on Tips to Help Stop Your Child From Biting

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mom and her teenage sonWe all want well adjusted and happy teenage sons and daughters. However, sometimes dealing with your teenager can be extremely challenging and tough, especially when you have a huge age gap that you have to cross. In addition, the adolescent years are perhaps the most difficult time that any person can undergo.

Mix all these factors and you have an explosive situation that frequently ends with arguments and crying sessions.

There are really no shortcuts when it comes to dealing with teenagers. They are truly difficult to handle, not only because they are undergoing so many changes in their lives but also because they are searching for themselves and their identities. With their increasing need for independence, you concern for their welfare can be seen as an interference and as a curtailment of their rights and their freedom. READ More on Tips for Parenting a Teen With Love and Support

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