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girl with hat and scarf trying to look like mommyParenting carries some heavy responsibilities. The next time you gaze into your eager toddler’s eyes, think about this: You are your child’s hero. 
Good or bad, they look up to you as their equivalent of Superman or Wonder Woman. 
If that sounds like an awesome responsibility, you’re right.   But my point is not to intimidate you; but to encourage you to realize that as the parent of a small child, you’d best take advantage of this grand image now, while they are young. 
Trust me; no teenager on the planet is capable of looking at their parents as heroes. That’s obvious to anyone who’s ever been within earshot of a teen.
But a toddler…AH! That’s a different story.READ More on You Are Your Child's Hero

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spending time simply enjoying being a familyAll of us like to feel special and loved. Our kids are no exception. Many of us, myself included live very hectic lives. While we may due our best to spend quality time with our kids, how often do we spend a whole quality day with them? We have mothers day, family day, one idea is to set aside time each month for each child to have their own special “Kid Day”. While we do spend time with out kids, a "Kids Day" helps us to really get close and bond even more with our children. Face it, It is hard for some families to do things together, with everyone running in so many different directions between work, sports, school and other activities. I know it is in my family. It’s good to just slow down and take time to be a family. READ More on Quality Parenting Time With Your Kids

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homemade halloween costumeI don’t know why most of us Mommys do it, but we pretend June Cleaver is a realistic role model. “To be a good Mommy, I gotta have at least a little June Cleaver in me!” is the inner voice so many of us guilt trip over.

I can’t say I’m innocent. Look at this picture of my daughter so many Halloween moons ago. Yes, that’s a homemade costume. I bent coat hangers to make the wing frames. I sewed the dress from scratch. Glued on all the tiny beads. How many hours did it take? Probably about twenty or thirty. At a paltry five bucks an hour, that makes this a $120-$170 fairy suit. Not counting the actual $30-40 bucks I spent on materials.

Yikes! READ More on The Myth of June Cleaver

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two brothers not so happy with each otherSibling rivalry is common among children, in fact it is almost inevitable. Many times when introducing a new baby into a family, the existing child will display feelings of jealousy. Even established families, with two or more children, frequently deal with rivalry between siblings. Just remember that it is a natural reaction, it is how you deal with the situation that is important.

As a parent dealing with this rivalry, you should not expect your children to overcome sibling rivalry and jealousy overnight. This is something that usually needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis, especially as your children grow older. READ More on Coping with Sibling Rivalry

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 by Stacey Schifferdecker

kids birthday party funDoes it seem like kids’ birthday parties are getting a little more extravagant every year? My daughter recently went to a party that featured two bounce toys and two clowns doing face painting and balloon animals, plus a craft table, a piñata, and goodie bags. The latest trend in my son’s class is to rent the entire skating rink for a couple hours.

Of course, the kids have fun at these parties and if the parents can afford a big, expensive party, they have every right to throw one. But those of us who can’t afford to spend hundred of dollars on a birthday party can still throw affordable parties that are fun for everyone.

Set a Budget – and Stick to It
Your first step in keeping a birthday party affordable is to decide how much you want to spend. Don’t be tempted into a “My child’s birthday party must be the biggest and best” competition. If your child wants something for the party that will break the budget, tell him or her they have to drop something else.

READ More on Planning a Fun and Affordable Birthday Party

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Sharing is caring - children holding hands around globeSharing is Caring – Teaching our children to share can be one of the most challenging things to teach, and perhaps one of the most important things we can teach out kids. Younger children tend to think everything is theirs. One way to help teach sharing is to start donating to children’s charities. As the holiday season fast approaches, Thanksgiving and Christmas are opportune times to teach our children about sharing and caring for others who are not as fortunate. They can also learn that they can donate more than just money. It is also a good idea to donate new or gently used things, like toys, clothes books, or time.

In addition to teaching children to share, it helps them learn the value and satisfaction that comes with helping others. Decide as a family how often to go through things and pass on nice things that the family no longer needs. The items should be in good shape. READ More on Children and Charities – Teaching Kids to Share

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