dad saying goodbye to his daughter before leaving on a business tripHaving to leave your child on a business trip can be rough on your child and yourself. Newborns can be fussy customers with strong preferences regarding formula, pacifiers, swaddling, sleep and other daily fundamentals. Rarely, however, does a newborn give much thought as to who is holding him. Sure, he or she feels safe and warm with mom or dad, but chances are that they are perfectly content to curl up in Aunt Maddie’s arms.
As they grow into older infants, however, many develop a personality trait that surprises and baffles their parents. It might begin with subtle signs. Your baby frets when you hand him to your friend or whines when you step out of sight. Instead of going to sleep with hardly a peep, he or she sits up and cries the moment you put her in her crib. Her neediness and attachment to you may seem extreme. Your child may demand that you hold them constantly or sob uncontrollably when you’re not with him or her. READ More on Separation Anxiety and Helping Your Child Cope

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Traveling and having to be away from young kids is always kinda rough, not only on the kids, but also on the parents as well. All the parenting books I have read and classes I have taken has not made it much easier. Now that my son is 5 he is starting to understand a little better, but it is still a little difficult. To ease his mind I started talking about the trip a few weeks earlier and made sure I answered any questions he had. I made sure I spent some extra time with both my children and continued our normal routines as much as possible. As I was reading him a nighttime story a few nights before my oldest son asked "Who will read me nighttime stories when you are gone?" Knowing my wife would not be able to because of our youngest, I made a "deal" with him. The deal was when returned I would read him 4 pages of his stories instead of the normal 2. That made him happy and hope that it reassured him I would return soon.

The Day before I left: On the day before the trip I asked my 5 year old son to help. READ More on Oh noooo, Daddy Forgot His Socks

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Grab your kids, sit back and watch the first episode of Munky Bytes from Cascadia. You won't be disappointed. My friends from Canada, Tony DaMunk and Juli Ette produced and star in this zany new series of good news vignettes. Their new company, and internet site, is committed to enriching families and children and spreading joy through kindness and generosity.  I wish them luck on the launch of their new site and look forward to seeing more of them around the internet. To learn more visit  

Here is there first episode from Cascadia. Enjoy!

Due to your browsers settings you may have to click below on the picture twice to start the video.  



  p.s. my 5 year old son loves MunkyMan and has played this video 6 times!!

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daddy and mommy giving their daughter her birthday presentThe children’s birthday party circuit can get downright expensive, especially if you have a couple kids being invited to birthday parties. But you can give great and creative birthday presents without breaking your budget.
Stock a Closet
The top shelf in our linen closet is the gift shelf. I keep it stocked with books, art supplies, toys, and other gifts bought on sale throughout the year. When an invitation to a birthday party arrives, the first place we shop is the gift shelf.READ More on Buying the Perfect Birthday Present on a Budget

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How did mom do it? Little Helping Cleaning the floorA parent, a wife, she did it all. It seemed when I was a kid my mother took care of us and cleaned the house usually without the benefit of any help whatsoever. She seemed to manage it all! Being a mother now I have so much more respect for my own mom! Today, families seem busier than ever and spending time cleaning the house can often be overwhelming. If you are a mom with children, and feel the strain of caring for them while trying to keep your home as clean as possible, here are some tips on how to creatively combine childcare and housecleaning at the same time.

There are two schools of thought: While some moms may suggest children are more important than cleaning the house; others would take the point of view that without being a neat freak, you can still keep your house modestly clean. Which brings us to our first tip: readjust your thinking about how perfect the house should look, and just concentrate on doing what you can, when you can. If the children are napping; take the time to dust each room. If you have toddlers; have them play in the playpen for about 15 minutes giving you ample time to vacuum. READ More on Creatively Combining Housecleaning, Childcare and Parenting

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shy little girl

 by Stacey Schifferdecker 

I know from experience that it is tough to be shy and introverted in today’s world. People seem to place a lot of value on being outgoing and having a large circle of friends. There is nothing wrong with being introverted, and you need to make sure you accept your children’s personalities and don’t make them feel like there is something wrong with them. On the other hand, they do need to interact with other people and you can help them become more self-confident. Here are some parenting tips that may help.

Don’t label your children as shy

Do your children hang back at a birthday party instead of jumping in to join the fun? Some children just like to observe a situation for a while and will usually join the fun later. But if they hear you tell other people that they are shy, they often begin acting even more shy. The child seems to think, “Well, Mom said I’m shy, so that means I must really be shy.”READ More on Helping Your Shy Child Make Friends

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By Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE

family dynamics between mom and kidsAnyone raising children has probably had at least one experience where meltdown is happening in your home and you are praying that nobody comes to the door because there is no telling what they would think you were doing to your children. While many homes experience this type of event infrequently, there are some homes where this is par for the course and the parents have no idea what to do to stop it. Maybe that is why some creative screenwriters came up with the television show Nanny 911.

The show seems to be the buzz around the water cooler as people discuss out of control children who hit, refuse to go to bed when told, slam doors, and basically are running the home while the parents anger and frustration level is increasing by the minute. Enter the Nanny to save the day. Even though most families do not have a Nanny that will come in and reveal the secrets of how to bring order to the home not to worry. George Doub and Flo Creighton, founders of Family Wellness: Survival Skills for Healthy Families have been teaching survival skills to families all over the world for years to assist them in their efforts to be healthy.

READ More on Parenting Survival Skills for Healthy Families

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