Barbie Girls Helps Young Girls Keep Up With and Make Friends Online

Click here to find out where to buy Barbie GirlsEvery year Girls are asking Santa Claus for their favorite dolls for Christmas.  This year Barbie has made a few changes.  Mattel has come up with the Barbie Girls newest doll.  This doll is also an mp3 player and a key to unlocking several items online at where there are many other activities available for your young ladies.  With technology ever changing it’s nice to see the Barbie is keeping up with the times.

Barbie girls web site allows young girls to decorate their own space.  When a child signs up they have to get their parents’ permission.  Without their parents’ permission they are not allowed to use the web site.  No personal identifiable information is taken besides the parents e-mail address.  Girls are able to create their own user identifications and create their own Barbie avatar.  Players are able to chat with one another.  The chat is set up to be safe for the children involved.  While wandering through other people’s bedrooms and shops on the web site the avatars are able to chat with one another only by selecting the phrases that are available on the site.

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A reward can be as simple as a hug from daddyChildhood is a great time to teach our children goal setting.  If we can get the idea in our kids' heads while they are still young, it could stay with them into adulthood.  But if we are to be successful in teaching our children the value of goals, we must make sure that they find them worthwhile.

To an adult, achieving a goal is often its own reward.  In some cases this is true for kids as well, as with a goal to save up enough money to buy a skateboard.  But with other goals, such as those pertaining to education, they may need just a little more reinforcement.

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Teen with a punk hairstyle You have probably seen teenagers on television or on the street dressed all in black, sporting green hair with perhaps a facial piercing or two and said to yourself, "not MY kid!" only to go home and see that your own teen is sporting a Mohawk. Don't worry, it happen to the best of us. While not all kids experiment with their appearance to an extreme, some do. It has nothing to do with the way they were raised and is certainly not an indication, in and of itself, of drugs, alcohol or the "wrong crowd." Kids go through stages where they search for their own individuality. They may begin to act differently, dress differently and wear their hair differently. READ More on Is that a Lip Ring? And Other Questions you Dread asking your Teen

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How to Talk to your Teenager

Teens are complex creatures with a lot different things going on inside them. While you feel that, as an adult, you carry all of the stress, you can be assured that teens face a good deal of stress as well. Kids aren't the way that they were when we parents were their age. Times have changed and the kids of today face a lot more pressures and a lot more scary things than their parents did. With that being said, it is easy for a teen to stray from what he or she has been taught and fall in with the wrong crowd or go down the wrong path. However, knowing how to talk to your teen can make all the difference. These five tips will help you open the lines of communication with your teen and keep them on the right path.

1. Learn to Listen
Sounds easy, but  sometimes you just need to be quiet and listen. Kids need to be heard just like adults do. They just need to vent, to talk and have someone listen to them – really listen. Ask appropriate questions to show that you are listening, but reserve your opinions and response for another time, such as when they ask for it.

2. Keep an Open Door Policy
Be there for your teen when they need to talk. Ask them to sit in the kitchen with you while you cook dinner. Boys especially tend to open up more readily when they are engage in an activity. So, if you have them sit in the kitchen with you and ask them to chop vegetables or wash dishes with you, you may be rewarded with them opening up to you and revealing a side you did not know.READ More on Top 5 Parenting Tips For Talking To Your Teen

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by Jennifer Shakeel

family and the child with ADHDFamily is important for all children, and even more so for the child with ADD/ADHD. What happens at home and how they are treated and interacted with will carry over into other aspects of their life at school, later on with work and it will help them build relationships. I know first hand that parenting a child with ADD/ADHD can be overwhelming and at times take its toll on the family. Frustration and chaos do not have to be a way of life for you, your child or your family. Here are things that you can do to make sure that the entire family is involved and the needs of everyone are being met. READ More on The Importance Of The Family For The Child With ADHD

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 by Shayla Taylor

Very busy Mom juggling house duties and kidsUnfortunately so many people seem to have the idea that a day in the life of a stay at home mom is an easy one and most feel that being a stay at home mom is not a real job. When you’re a mom and you work at home, most people think that “work at home” is code for watch television and take a nap; however, there are so many things a stay at home mom does during the day that no one sees or appreciates. I myself have two step-children, a 13 year old daughter and a 14 year old boy with Down’s syndrome, so life can get a bit hectic in this home. So, the following is a small glimpse into a day in my life as a mom who stays at home and runs a home based business at the same time.

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little girl being teased and coping with peer pressureRaising children to cope with peer pressure begins very early in life. More than anything, children who are able to stand up to negative peer pressure are resilient individuals with well defined beliefs and values. Children such as this are not simply the result of good parenting strategies, they are the product of strong families with good communication and clearly visible values. Children become what they see more than what they hear. So as parents we need to make sure the message we are giving our children is consistent with our own lives. READ More on Parenting and Helping Kids to Overcome Peer Pressure

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