a happy family is a healthy familyKids learn from their parents, so if their parents grumble and complain their kids will too. Are you tired of hearing all the grumbling and complaining around your house?  Do you ever find yourself just feeling down for no reason?  Maybe it's time the family has a positive attitude adjustment.  It may take some time to get everyone in the swing of things, but before you know it everyone will be enjoying life more.

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traveling-with-kids.jpg"Are we there YET?" You've heard this for the thirteenth time in three minutes and you're nerves are about to shatter. "No, honey – we're a lot closer now than we were." Then you get the whines and the moans from the back seat. This is something that a lot of people have had to deal with during a vacation or other family trip. Long hours in cars and on airplanes do not mix with small children! They have short attention spans and their little brains are programmed to run, jump and climb like monkeys. They have no desire to sit for several more hours until you reach your destination. READ More on Keeping Kids Amused While Traveling

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by Jennifer Shakeel

children around the worldThere is no denying the fact that our children today are faced with more diversity then we parents were at their age. America is the “melting pot” of the world and that is a good characteristic. It is here in America you can experience the different cultures of the world without leaving this country and for many with out leaving their state or city. All of the diversity raises a very good question though, how as parents we teach our children about cultural diversity and tolerance.

First, in order to teach our children about cultural diversity and tolerance, we as parents need to figure out what our beliefs are about those two topics. How open are we to people from another culture or race. Knowing if we have any biases or prejudices against people that are different. Knowing if we do, admitting that we do and then figuring out why we have those beliefs is the first step. The goal is teach our children about the different cultures and introduce them to the different way people live and why. We do not want to cloud their judgment and give them biases. READ More on Teaching Our Kids about Cultural Diversity

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

Best Websites for Kids“Mom, can I play on the computer?” I’m sure I hear that at least once a day from each of my children. Fortunately, there really is a lot of good internet content for kids. Here is the More4kids list of what we think are some of the best websites for kids, whether you want craft projects, educational content, or just plain fun.
AskForKids is a search engine geared for children. Your child types in a question and the engine provides answers to read through.

KidsClick is another search engine for kids, run by librarians.

Kids love crafts! These are some of the best sites to find craft projects to keep your kids busy and creative.

Princess personalized bookPersonalized gifts add a little something to any Christmas, Birthdays, or just about any special occassion. Not only do they help a child to feel special but they also become a worthwhile and cherished memory.

There are a number of personalized gifts for kids that can be given but music and books help to provide a lasting memory that is not just a treasured possession but can have educational benefits as well.

Getting your child to read can be a difficult challenge especially in the day and age of video games, computers and loads of television programming. Personalized books can be a fun way to get your child interested in reading along with their favorite characters. Your child’s name is placed within the text of each story making them feel like an active part of the adventure and getting them interested in reading. This can provide not only hours of quality time and a love of reading but also an increase in academic awareness that can help your child throughout their life as they learn to read. Personalized books can also help with name recognition, which is an important part, and step to self-awareness in children.

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By Julie Baumgardner

happy teens in a good relationshipA young mom was talking with her 8-year-old daughter about her day at school when the daughter revealed she had a boyfriend. Mom, in her infinite wisdom said, “You are really too young to have a boyfriend. You should have lots of boys as friends at your age.” The little girl sighed and said, “I know, but when I am 14, I will be old enough to date.” Somewhat surprised by the comment, the mother asked her daughter what you do on a date. With no hesitation, the daughter said, “You have sex.” With all kinds of thoughts reeling through her head, the mother asked, “Where did you hear that?” The little girl told her mother she had heard it at school from her friends who heard it from their older siblings.

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For young childrenyoung girl determined to reach the top, one step at a time, teaching to set goals is an important part of child development for when they get older, and comes with some added benefits. Setting and achieving those goals helps in our children to build motivation and self-esteem. Plus, getting into the habit of setting goals and seeing them through at a young age will help them  continue to do so into adulthood. Part of parenting is helping our kids learn the value of setting goals so that when they do grow up they will be prepared for the challenges of life when we may not be around to help them.

There are many types goals that can serve those purposes. While ending world hunger would be a wonderful thing for a child to do, kids' goals do not have to be that ambitious to be beneficial to them. A goal as simple as saving enough money to go to the zoo is good for your child. The key is to start simple and have the child build on their success. READ More on The Importance of Goal Setting and Self-Esteem

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