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child bouncing off the wallsI have yet to find another job in the world that is more challenging then that or parenting. You are constantly faced with the questions of whether or not you are doing a good job as a parent, teaching your child the difference between right and wrong in hopes that they grow up to be productive, respectful people. This is compounded when you are raising a child that has ADHD.

I am not going to try to lecture from a medical standpoint on what to do as a parent for your child with ADHD. I am not a therapist of any sort and the medical experience that I do have is removed from what I am about to talk to you about. I am a parent and my child has ADD/ADHD. Believe me when I tell you I understand the struggle you are having right now and the guilt that you carry with you. I would bet that much like me, you were told by teachers or saw the warning signs and refused to admit that there was anything “wrong” with your child. Let me tell, there isn’t anything wrong with your child, your child with ADHD requires different things then a child that does not have ADHD. READ More on Parenting a Child with Attention Deficit Disorder

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two adorable siblings playing togetherIf you have more thant one child it can be natural to start comparing your kids to each other, or even if you just have one kids, natural to compare him or her to other children. However, comparing kids is not such a great idea if your child realizes it, or if as a parent you start to put too much pressure on him or her. I have caught myself many times comparing my 15 month toddler to my oldest son when he was his age, and that is something I need to stop doing myself. Each child is a unique individual and needs to be treated so, and as parents, our parenting style needs to adjust to. What might work for one child may not work and need a totally different approach on a sibling.

So, between sports, homework, dance classes and after-school activities, today’s adolescents are under unprecedented demands to succeed and are left with little time for just being kids.

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This is one of the craziest recalls I have seen and wanted to alert parents very quickly. CNN has just published news that Aqua Dots is being recalled. According to the CNN article, about "4.2 million Chinese-made Aqua Dots toys contaminated with a powerful "date rape" drug that has caused some children to vomit and lose consciousness upon ingesting the contents"

Plus I just noticed information on the recall is at The Aqua Dot recall page was put up just yesterday.

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Here is the More4kids hot Christmas Toy picks for 2007. This years Christmas kid gift list is packed full of new and exciting toys that are sure to keep your kids entertained long after the holiday is over. Many of you remember the difficult time most people ran up against while trying to get a Tickle Me Elmo in 1996; this years list is full of toys that are going to be hard to find if you put off your shopping too long. While Tickle Me Elmo isn't going to be at the top of many parent's hot Christmas gift lists this year, here are the toys that most likely will.

American Idol Talent Challenge

American Idol Talent Challenge

This is the hottest karaoke machine ever. American Idol Talent Challenge hooks up to a television and comes with a microphone and DVD for your Child to become a household Star. The set allows friends and family to join in on the fun with a remote that lets them judge your rising star's singing abilities. Selling for $50 on average, this hot Christmas gift is fun for kids 6 and older.  Where to buy:  American Idol Talent Challenge

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young mom listenting to parenting podcastHave you discovered the world of podcasts yet? A podcast is an audio or video recording posted on a website that you can download to your computer or MP3 player and play anytime. Podcasts are a great way to learn new information and keep up on trends while you are driving, exercising, cooking, etc.
Some excellent podcasts devoted to parenting are available on the internet. Below are links to some you might want to try out.
This podcast is hosted by an Australian mother of five children. It deals with a range of topics, including time management, organization, routines, education, health, finances, after-school activities, and housework.READ More on Best Parenting Podcasts

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One of the lastest toy recalls - Galaxy Warriors by Henry GordyWhats a parent to do? The Christmas season is upon us and Santa may not make very many children happy this year. If there is a particular toy that your child wants and it is on the recall list, he or she is going to be very disappointed Christmas morning. Some toys are on hold and haven’t been shipped to the U. S. yet and some are sitting in ports waiting to see what is going to happen with them.

Not only are these children not going to get the toy they want, they may be getting rid of some of their favorites too. Recalls on Fisher Price, who is a subsidiary of Mattel are rapidly climbing as more problems are found with either lead based paint being used or small magnets that can be swallowed.

Dora, a favorite for every little girl is being recalled due to lead based paint being used. Sesame Street is on the recall list as is Polly Pocket, Barbie, and Easy Bake Oven. If you have purchased any of the toys that are on the recall list, these toys should either be returned for a refund of your purchase price. If you do not want to do this at least
throw them away to keep your little ones safe. READ More on Top Toy Recalls in 2007

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happy halloween - check out our little ghost this yearFrom all of us here at More4kids we wish people to have a happy and safe Halloween. If you have not already check out an article on some Halloween safety tips .

Part of the fun of Halloween is playing silly games. When planning the games, it’s best to keep the costumes in mind and plan things that will work around them. Games should be simple with easy to follow rules.

Mummy Wrap Up – Divide guests into small groups. Provide them each with a roll or two of toilet paper and see who can use the tissue paper to wrap up one of their teammates the fastest. The first one to complete their mummy using the entire roll wins.

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