little girl being teased and coping with peer pressureRaising children to cope with peer pressure begins very early in life. More than anything, children who are able to stand up to negative peer pressure are resilient individuals with well defined beliefs and values. Children such as this are not simply the result of good parenting strategies, they are the product of strong families with good communication and clearly visible values. Children become what they see more than what they hear. So as parents we need to make sure the message we are giving our children is consistent with our own lives. READ More on Parenting and Helping Kids to Overcome Peer Pressure

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Group fitness for a class bundle #37 (includes 1 Wii System, 1 Wii Carrying Case, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Remote Controller, 1 Wii Sports, 1 DDR Hottest Party g The Nintendo Wii Increases Fitness and Encourages Family Activities. It is in high demand this year, as it has been since it was first released. It isn’t only seasoned gamers who are asking for this game console, the Wii has appeal to everyone.  Some places are limiting how many can be purchased per household each month to try to keep up with supply and demand. One console can be used by 4 players at once so the only reason families would have to purchase multiple consoles would be to use as gifts. And these make great gifts. Age doesn’t matter; the Wii has something for everyone from preschoolers to seniors.

This isn’t your ordinary sit-on-your-butt-in-front-of-the-television type game. This game console has put active into interactive games. The Wii comes with Wii Sports, a set of sports that can be played with the Wii console and Remote individually or in groups. Players control their onscreen characters by their movements.

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Click here for more information on this bookmark craftChristmas is an excellent time to start some projects with your kids. Children love creating little, unique projects that they can use to decorate the home. Many children really enjoy creating gifts that they can use to give as gifts to their friends and their family members. Here, you will be introduced to some easy Christmas projects and crafts for kids. These projects are appropriate for kids of all ages and are great fun for the whole family! READ More on Christmas Crafts for Kids

by Stacey Schifferdecker
shopping for kids over the internetMy son and I usually get up early the day after Thanksgiving and spend a couple hours hitting the Black Friday sales. And you know what? That is about all the “bricks and mortar” shopping I do. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving is the start of the online shopping frenzy. I have discovered the joy of online shopping, and it sure does make Christmas a whole lot easier and more fun –
  • I get my shopping done from the comfort of home after the kids are in bed. No schlepping through the mall, trying to find a parking place, waiting in line to check out, and then trying to sneak packages into the house.
  • We get mail! What is more exciting for kids than the UPS truck stopping in front of their house and delivering a mysterious brown box? But I can leave the box securely taped shut until I am ready to open it far away from prying eyes.
  • I can find more unusual gifts. My daughter collects Statue of Liberty items and one of sons collects owls. I have been able to find cool items for their collections that I would never find on a store shelf at the mall.

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young child with babysitter waving bye to mommy and daddyThe choice to hire a babysitter is no longer an easy one for parents. It is no longer appropriate to simply trust just anyone with your children. It is essential that you hire an individual that can allow you the comfort of knowing that your child is being properly cared for, and one that your child will be content with. Here, you will learn about the best methods to utilize when seeking care for your child. You will also learn how to compose an effective checklist for the individual that you will eventual hire to sit with your child. READ More on Essentials to Hiring a Babysitter

girl in corner throwing a temper tantrumTemper tantrums can put your parenting skills to the test. The 3-year old that explodes with impatience or the 6-year old who screams in the toy store after hearing 'no' are all displays of a temper tantrum. The kicking, stomping, pounding, yelling, crying, slamming doors, throwing the body on the floor, and hurtful words that accompany a temper tantrum are typical of children between the ages of three and six with some seven- to nine-year olds still exhibiting the behavior. This emotional outburst can take place at any time and any place, whether the child is in a doctor's office, grocery store, around family and friends, and even at church.

In order to gain a better hold of a situation that involves a temper tantrum, it is suggested to learn more about the subject and its causes. The emotions that swell within a child to create a temper tantrum involve higher brain functions that are unable to lower the levels of excited expression associated with the lower brain functions that control emotional and physical responses. As a result, an unreasonable fit that may include screaming, crying, and intense defiance will often surface. The child may become completely unwilling to listen to or comply with any efforts to pacify the situation.

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