lonely preschooler swinging by himselfby Stacey Schifferdecker

We usually think of peer pressure as being a problem for teenagers, but peer pressure is a fact of life for all of us, no matter what our age. At a recent school book fair, I overheard one child urge another to “Just put it in your bag” about the .45 cent eraser the first child did not have money to buy. Probably, neither child really thought that taking the eraser would be stealing, and they just needed to be gently reminded that taking something that doesn’t belong to us is wrong. But by taking steps now to teach your children to deal with peer pressure, you can give them the skills they will need as teenagers (and adults!) to withstand peer pressure.

What is peer pressure?
We human beings have an innate need to fit in and feel like we belong – that we are a valued and important part of a group. We need our peers, and we want to fit in. Peers are important, but they can have either a negative or a positive effect on our lives. On the positive side, peers can encourage us to try new things and give us a safe place to express our thoughts and try out new ideas. However, peers can also make us feel left out and lead us to make foolish choices we wouldn’t otherwise make.READ More on Dealing With Preschool Peer Pressure

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We all need to work together to acheive a healthy environment for future generationsWithout a doubt global warming is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing today, and will continue to be a large problem in our kids lives. However, many of its effects will fall upon future generations – unless it is stopped or slowed down dramatically. There is a lot that we can do right now, but it is also important to get the children of today involved in the fight against global warming. 

Teaching kids the dangers of Global Warming

Educating and involving our children is one way to get our kids interested. We need to involve them through conversations and activities and show them what they can do to help the cause. Education through involvement is key. We must find creative ways to show children what problems global warming has already caused, and what problems it could, and most probably will cause in the future. This will help bring forth curiosity about what contributions out kids can make to help change things. READ More on Involving Kids in the Fight Against Global Warming

Nanny CAM hidden in an alarm clockThe alarm clock on the left is an example of a hidden Nanny Cam.

It is every parents nightmare. Police in Cherokee Country, GA say parents caught Nanny abusing their 13th month old child. In recent news, a woman who was hired through a national childcare service from the internet was discovered to be abusive towards a child of just a little over one year old that she was caring for. The family that employed this woman installed nanny cams once they began to notice behavioral changes in their child. The first day, in which the woman cared for the child under the supervision of the nanny cams, she was caught being abusive. The evidence portrays this individual slapping the young child in the face, pushing the child, and even pinching! Should you get a nanny cam? Stories like this seem to suggest “yes”.

You can read more of this story by visiting the following link: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/14938393/detail.html . Reading this story sent mixed emotions through me. I felt anger, sadness, and shock all at the same time. Having small kids myself made this story really touch home. The rest of this report will discuss signs of child abuse and questions you should ask your Nanny or babysitter before you hire them.

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by Jennifer Shakeel

Talking to kids about where babies come from is a challenge for many parentsSexual education is becoming a very how parenting topic on the internet these days, but how do you break the ice with your kids? For as many times as I have had to have “The Talk” with children including my own, I have not struggled as much as I have with this article for parents. My intent here is not to offend anyone but to help you be able to talk with your children about sex. I know it is an uncomfortable topic, it is hard enough as adults to talk about it and it is worse as a parent. Trust me when I tell you though, that in most cases, for all the freaking out you are going through it is nothing compared to how your child feels when they think about having to talk to you about sex.

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a happy family is a healthy familyKids learn from their parents, so if their parents grumble and complain their kids will too. Are you tired of hearing all the grumbling and complaining around your house?  Do you ever find yourself just feeling down for no reason?  Maybe it's time the family has a positive attitude adjustment.  It may take some time to get everyone in the swing of things, but before you know it everyone will be enjoying life more.

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traveling-with-kids.jpg"Are we there YET?" You've heard this for the thirteenth time in three minutes and you're nerves are about to shatter. "No, honey – we're a lot closer now than we were." Then you get the whines and the moans from the back seat. This is something that a lot of people have had to deal with during a vacation or other family trip. Long hours in cars and on airplanes do not mix with small children! They have short attention spans and their little brains are programmed to run, jump and climb like monkeys. They have no desire to sit for several more hours until you reach your destination. READ More on Keeping Kids Amused While Traveling

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by Jennifer Shakeel

children around the worldThere is no denying the fact that our children today are faced with more diversity then we parents were at their age. America is the “melting pot” of the world and that is a good characteristic. It is here in America you can experience the different cultures of the world without leaving this country and for many with out leaving their state or city. All of the diversity raises a very good question though, how as parents we teach our children about cultural diversity and tolerance.

First, in order to teach our children about cultural diversity and tolerance, we as parents need to figure out what our beliefs are about those two topics. How open are we to people from another culture or race. Knowing if we have any biases or prejudices against people that are different. Knowing if we do, admitting that we do and then figuring out why we have those beliefs is the first step. The goal is teach our children about the different cultures and introduce them to the different way people live and why. We do not want to cloud their judgment and give them biases. READ More on Teaching Our Kids about Cultural Diversity

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