Girl biting her nailsFor kids bad habits are a kind of necessity, comfort, entertainment and luxury. However, kids need to be told that their habits, apart from being annoying to their parents, can cause harm to them also. In some rare cases they may even go on to leave a mark in their adult life. It is, therefore, important to help break into your kids' annoying habits and stop them before they tinker with your child's growth and development.

The most common bad habits of kids that parents want to tackle are: (i) Nose picking, (ii) Biting nails, (iii) Thumb sucking, (iv) Hair twirling or hair pulling, and (v) Holding the breath to register a protest. READ More on Tips for Breaking Kids of Bad Habits

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young kids having fun playing music instruments Young kids just love a good beat. Kids are never too young to introduce instruments to them, whether they are homemade, toys or real muscial instruments. As parents we naturally want only the best for our children; we try as hard as we possibly can to offer every opportunity available out there in order for our kids to find his or her inclinations and passions in life.

Childhood is the Time to Explore

Children have a great deal of power to absorb information from a very young age and that is the main reason why a parent should try and offer his child as many possibilities as possible in order for him to find his inclination. READ More on Music and Kids

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a busy and multi-tasking momJuggling a family, a career and a relationship with our significant other can be a challenge for a family. With two children ourselves, a husband in a demanding career, and being a work at home mom, I know our lives can be very interesting to say the least. Here is a list of tips for daily living that can help manage your time and may help make things a little less hectic:

  • Keep it simple, give two choices instead of asking “what do you want ____”
  • Set limits on things like television, video games, and phone chatter … for everyone in the household.  Eliminates arguing and gets everyone doing other things
  • Make adjustments when you have to, you can’t be everywhere at once
  • Don’t forget to consider your travel time, prep time, clean up time, waiting time
  • Deal with things as they happen, (the mail came, sort it now instead of waiting until later – also eliminates clutter that you would have to clean up later)
  • Get involved in a car pool to get kids where they need to go, school, soccer, baseball, football … sharing these tasks save you and someone else time and gas money!
  • Follow routines and schedules, such as getting up at the same time and leaving at the same time daily…create a pattern/routine get home, do your homework, 30 minutes to watch tv/play game/read, dinner, get a bath, quiet time, bedtimeREAD More on Family Time Management – Tips for Daily Living

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Young child out of control - what would you do?As parents we often react to your child’s misbehavior or emotional outburst by an emotional overreaction ourselves. This can make you feel out of control also. Tensions escalate and soon the whole situation becomes a much bigger issue then it really should have. Anger, blame, guilt, pleading and other extreme emotional reactions can make a parent feel upset and stressed for hours. This does not encourage positive behavior and overreactions can result in more bad behavior. As parents, mastering our own emotions and responses to unwanted behavior can also show your child good stress management techniques. If you respond in a calm manner, your child will feel calm and your child will calm down faster. One technique also to try is what I call the heartfelt touch which will be explained more below.
Your child will soon see their actions are not getting the response they were hoping for if you stay calm and collected during the bout of bad behavior. By managing your own emotions, your discipline will be more effective and it will help you feel calmer and more in control. READ More on Help For Teaching Kids Self-Control

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Stay at Home Mom and SonSwitching from career-driven employee to stay-at-home-parent (SAHP) is a colossal move. Parents must weigh the pros and cons of leaving their jobs and determine if it’s financially possible. Often it involves a lifestyle change, perhaps cutting expenses or relinquishing pumps for sneakers. Sometimes it means a career change for the other parent.
Yet many parents find that the most overwhelming shock involves leaving behind the companionship of other adults. Although SAHPs are never alone, the company of their children is just not the same. And when regular adult conversation becomes a distant memory, SAHPs often find themselves lonely, even in a house chock full of children. Add in extra challenges, like being housebound with a newborn in wintertime or suffering from postpartum depression, and the isolation can become almost unbearable.READ More on Survival Tips For The Stay At Home Parent

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By Ask Yiayia-Becky Kapsalis

Family at top of mountain - What will your family achieve in 2008?“The years teach me much the days never knew” Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are a goal oriented society. Especially, since, at this time of year we’re given second chances to start anew. Goals are different than resolutions. Goals are defined as ‘something that somebody wants to achieve’; resolutions are defined as ‘firmness of mind or purpose’. Ask yourself “what goals do we want to achieve as a family, this year?” Break the goals into four categories for individual and family: Physical, Spiritual, Family, and Financial.

As a family discuss individual and family goals. Write them down and check back every month to see the progress, check off those that have been accomplished and add new goals for those that are a work in progress. READ More on GOALS vs RESOLUTIONS

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happy foster family in front of fireplaceIf you are considering getting involved as a foster parent, you are to be commended. It takes courage and caring to get involved in foster parenting; however, before you get involved, you need to be sure that you have explored every aspect of this big step in your life. There are both pros and cons to foster parenting, and while the pros usually outweigh the cons, it is best to take a close look at both sides before you commit yourself.

A Look at the Pros
There are many pros to foster parenting that can be enjoyed by the parents and the children alike. The following are a few pros to keep in mind when you are making your decision as to whether or not you want to become a foster parent. READ More on Pros and Cons of Foster Parenting