encouraging creativity by encouraging children to act out a storyThere are several fun games to boost your child’s creativity and intelligence. As a parent, it is absolutely essential that you nurture the natural creativity cycle to ensure stimulation of the senses, and the exploration of the world around your child. Recent studies in the area of creative and intelligent play indicate that the “pretend” play that a child engages in may actually assist in the development of their emotional intelligence, intelligence quotient, and psychological stability. Many professionals in child development have referred to creative play for development as “Imagination Quotient”. Here, you will learn about the fun games that can be engaged in so that the creativity and the intelligence of the child are enhanced.
Drama Encourages Creativity
If you allow your child to engage in dramatic play, it actually contributes to the level of creativity that they have. Every child enjoys dressing up as someone else, and pretending that they are the character that they are dressed as. You should encourage your child to do this. You could read a book together, and then allow the child to choose a character that they like best. Once they have done this, encourage them to dress as this character. Once they do this, you should encourage them to act out the story with a different plot altogether. This can be entertaining, and exciting!READ More on Fun Games to Boost Your Child's Creativity

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Hello, and Happy Turkey Day! From all of us here at More4kids we wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. We know that with this economy it is hard for a lot of families this year, and we are not just saying that. The economy has hit us very hard at More4kids. Even if things are not perfect, it is important to reflect on what we have, and to help out those that may be less fortunate than us. No matter how bad things can be they can always be worse. Thanksgiving for me is a time to reflect and be grateful. It is a time for family and friends.

My family and friends are the most important thing to me.  For me I am very happy and grateful to God to have two beautiful and healthy boys, and to have a loving wife which I cherish dearly. I am grateful for having the best mom in the world, a great sister and the best brother and law, niece and nephews one can have.

I have also made so many new friends that I am extremely grateful for. And to all our new friends on the internet service called Twitter, we are privileged to know so many new people and friends.

Perhaps most of all, everyone at More4kids feels extremely blessed and very humbled by the thousands of people that stop by and visit us online here at www.more4kids.info. This site is for you and all families.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.Little boy dressed up as a pilgrim

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My childhood role model was Neill ArmstrongHave you ever stopped and asked yourself where your child picked up a certain behavior or habit whether it is good or bad? The answer is through the people around them. So in other words they are paying attention to what the people around them are doing. This includes you, your child’s siblings, friends, teachers and even the people they watch on television. Anyone that they look up to, a role model. Making sure that your child is influenced by positive role models will help them achieve more in life.

Look, when we were little we all had someone the we looked up to. Someone that we wanted to be like. If you were honest with yourself, I would bet that even as an adult there is someone you admire. These people were and are our role models. They gave us motivation to go after and hopefully achieve what they had, what we wanted. Mine role model was Neill Armstong. He taught me that there is no limits to what we can do. So, who is your child’s role model?

READ More on Positive Role Models and Children

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with online coupons you can use both online or at your favorite storeToday's economic times are difficult, and families are looking for ways to save money. This is often difficult. Sometimes it seems you walk in the store and spend more and more to walk away with less merchandise. However, one way that you can save is to online to print off coupons. Thats right you can print off your coupons right at home to take and redeem at your favorite local store, or you can find coupons and use them when you make a purchase at your favorite store on the Internet. So, you may be asking, "how do I find the best ones?" Well, here we'll give you some of the top coupon websites out there and a short review on each to help you save as much money as possible. READ More on Best Coupon Websites

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With Hope anything is possible for our childrenby Jennifer Shakeel

I don’t believe that there is a parent in the world that doesn’t look at their child or children and hope that they are going to be good parents and hope that our children will have a better or easier life then we had where they are able to achieve more then we have. As moms and dad we know that life is not easy and that we are constantly faced with disappointments and limitations that can seem impossible to overcome. What we need to teach our children is to have hope. “Once you choose hope, anything's possible,” as said by Christopher Reeve.

I believe that hope is something we are all born with and it is life and the people that surround us on a daily basis either nurture or destroy. As parents it is one of our responsibilities to teach our children how to keep that hope and us it to help them achieve whatever it is they want. Along with that though goes teaching our children determination and hoe to overcome obstacles and adversity. READ More on Hope for Kids – Teaching Our Children To Overcome Adversity

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father comforting his daughterIf there is one lesson that no parent enjoys teaching their child it is the art of getting over disappointment. This is partly because no one likes to be disappointed, have their hopes shattered, but it is a raw and honest part of life. Figuring out how to teach our children this can be difficult though, you don’t want them to give up or lose heart. It is important that as we teach our children to cope with disappointment, how important it is to keep trying.

Here are a few to help you teach your child how to cope with, how to overcome disappointments in life, and to grow from experience.

Offer Love and Support
Think about how you feel when things do not go the way you expected or wanted. You feel down and depressed. Your child feels the same way, what they need to know is that they are not alone, that even though they feel down and sad, they are not alone. Offer them a hug, listen to them as they tell you what has happened. DO NOT judge, or blow off what they are saying. READ More on Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Disappointment

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Get out and Vote: Election 2008 Tuesday November 4th 

get out and vote on November 4thAt More4kids we are not only business owners, but parents as well. Like many of our readers we have been hit very hard this last year and the last several years. With so many families struggling and in desperate need for help in this economy, this year is more important than ever to vote. As parents it is also important to remember that we also vote for our children, and their future.

Let's try to cut through the rhetoric and the negative campaigning we have seen this year to get right to the issues. It’s important to understand where both candidates stand on the issues and feel confident in them to carry out their plans. Economy, Jobs and Health Care are in my opinion as a parent the most important issues this year.

READ More on Get Out And Vote! Compare The Candidates

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