a mom with her adopted daughter enjoy some mommy timeFor many families, adoptions are a way of getting the baby they have always dreamed of having.  However, adopting an infant can often prove to be very difficult.  In the United States, infants are often hard to adopt. Therefore, many people turn to international adoptions.  In many cases, adopting internationally can be very successful and fulfilling. 
After you have made the decision to adopt, you must next decide what country you would like to adopt a child from.  In order to pick a country that will work with your needs, you will want to make sure you do sufficient research.  Each country has its own rules and regulations that must be followed.

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Click here for more information on the Cricut Craft MachineThere are many fun, family crafts and projects that can be pursued when it comes to arts and crafts. Many families use their computers and other electronic devices to assist them when it comes to creating a project. Now, there is a new product on the market that I have found to be extremely fun and productive when it comes to creating fun projects with my children. This product is called Cricut. When pronounced, it sounds like you are saying “cricket”. This is a cutting system that is electronic based. However, the upside is that it does not require an actual computer. Here, I will tell you a little about how you can create fun family projects – the easy way!

Today we are going to be reviewing the features of the Cricut. It is a revolutionary machine that actually cuts an assortment of materials in many different ways. No more buying special printer paper or messing with patterns that can be really difficult to work with! Now, you can just insert the material, decide on how you want it cut and go from there. There are many exciting projects that you can choose from when it comes to cutting with this particular tool: READ More on Fun Family Crafts and Projects Made Easy with the Cricut

happy family spending time togetherMore4kids likes to recognize both individuals and organizations that make a positive impact in the lives of families. "First Things First” is such an organization that has made a positive impact in the lives of many families and in the community in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. They focus on assisting families with various areas of interest. This nonprofit organization works with numerous resources in the Hamilton County area, such as businesses, special groups, and individuals to bring together a wide selection of resources for the families in the area. The leaders of the community established that the county would be strengthened by first strengthening the families of that community. This marked the beginning of “First Things First”.  We will review what this organization does, what they stand for, and why this organization deserves credit for the hard work they do helping families and couples. READ More on A More4kids Champion: First Things First

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family arriving at relatives houseFamilies everywhere are really getting severly pinched or hurt with the price of gas these days, and there is no end in sight. We have to do everything we can to save a little here and there, not only on road trips, but on everyday tips to drop kids off at school, work, or the grocery store. This summer a lot of families will be driving on the roads. With the price of gas and diesel both climbing, it is important to remember that no matter how much you are paying at the pump, there are some ways to save your gas once you've purchased it, which will allow you to spend less overall on gasoline. There are things that a family, and there are things that you can do to your car to make sure that you are able to save on gasoline. Here are a few gas saving tips that may help.

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by Angie Shiflett

Parenting a child starts with simple unconditional loveMany parents eventually learn that their child has a medical issue, illness, or disability. This can be an emotionally overwhelming time for the family. I know, because I have been there. My oldest son was born with a minor physical deformity. The doctors referred to it as a “unilateral cleft lip”. They informed me that he would require the care and attention of many specialists throughout his childhood, and that he would need to have plastic surgery at approximately three months of age. I never thought that I would parent a child who had a condition like this, but I had always believed that regardless of what came our way with our children, I would love them none the less. Here, I will offer you my experience when it comes to parenting a child with special needs. READ More on Parenting a Child with Special Needs

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How Working Parents Can Build and Keep Strong Family Bonds

busy working mom juggling kids and lifeParenting is a tough job, and in today's society being a parent is harder than ever. Most households with two parents, are looking at or also need two incomes. Both parents are working full time and nowadays, full time is rarely a 40 hour week. Many times working parents are putting in 60, 80 or more hours. If they are not at the office or job site working, they are traveling or bringing it home with them to finish up. Unfortunately, even working this hard sometimes, the ends barely meet when it comes paying the bills and other financial obligations.

As a result, children are often left in the care of schools, daycares, and after care programs. This leaves parents struggling to provide for their families both financially and emotionally. Being disconnected leads to a host of problems, and leads children to believe that they can not come and talk to you as their parent when they need assistance. There are a few things that as working parents you can do to help provide and maintain a connection with your children. READ More on Tips for Working Parents

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By Julie Baumgardner

parents holding hand of newborn babyOnce the decision was made to start a family, John and Susan went from living in a loft and having people over all the time to living in a house in a quiet neighborhood with friends coming over significantly less often. “It was definitely a dramatic change for us,” said Susan. “It was hard to give up our two-seater convertible, but we knew it wasn’t a family car. We had hoped we could keep it and add a family car, but since we couldn’t predict our expenses after Caroline’s birth, we traded it in.”  Caroline arrived in October of 2005. Even though she has a great temperament and her parents describe her as an “easy” baby, she still rocked their world.

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